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Jobs to Be Done 

Date: 07/06/2019 Author(s): Pérez Balaguer, Jesús; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Zamora, Javier Document type: Technical Note The Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory is grounded upon the fact that customers do not buy products or services but instead "hire" them to do a given "job"; hence its name. This technical note introduces JTBD theory and explains how to apply it in an environment of high digital density. More information Read related article

Vueling's Mobile Strategy Takes Flight 

Date: 16/09/2015 Author(s): Zamora, Javier; Káganer, Evgeny; Tatarinov, Katherine; Oré, Andreu Document type: Case Vueling Airlines announced in 2014 that a larger percentage of its IT budget would be spent on mobile applications than on the website. However, the revenue from mobile remained relatively small compared with that from the Web. In designing Vueling's future mobile strategy, the IT and online marketing managers face the dilemma of whether to prioritize ... More information

Bitcoin: Deciphering the Crypto-currency 

Date: 10/03/2014 Author(s): Zamora, Javier; Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad; Tatarinov, Katherine Document type: Case Bitcoin was one of the first implementations of a concept called crypto-currency. It was built on the notion that money can be any object or any sort of record accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts in a given country or socio-economic context. Bitcoin was designed around the idea of a new form of money that used cryptography ... More information Read related article

Virtual Casa de América: "Enjoy, Discover, Think, Visit" 

Date: 29/05/2012 Author(s): Zamora, Javier; Díez, Susana Document type: Case Imma Turbau, general manager of Casa de América, was sitting in her office on the first floor of Madrid's Linares Palace on Cibeles Square going over the latest follow-up data on visits to Virtual Casa de América. The VivAmérica Festival had just ended successfully; it was the third festival since Turbau had taken on the role of GM and launched the ... More information

Olapic on's Cloud 

Date: 13/03/2012 Author(s): Zamora, Javier; Sieber, Sandra; Sek, Tomasz; Goetschi, Beat Document type: Case On the morning of April 21, 2011, Alex Dantart, CTO of Olapic, was about to run the final testing of his New York-based IT start-up company's new service, uPhoto. The launch date of this innovative photo crowdsourcing service commissioned by Olapic's first corporate client, the newspaper the New York Daily News (NYDN), was slated for the end of April. ... More information

crowdSPRING: "Design the Future" Competition 

Date: 20/10/2011 Author(s): Káganer, Evgeny; Zamora, Javier; Oré, Carlos Document type: Case The co-founders and managing partners of crowdSPRING, a global marketplace for crowdsourced creative services located in Chicago, IL, were discussing the pipeline of ongoing projects. The development team was working at full capacity, on track for an on-time release of a set of new features and upgrades for the site. This was business as usual. There ... More information
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