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An Innovation Management System to Create Growth in Mature Industrial Technology Firms 

Fecha: 01/12/2015 Autor / es: Badrinas, Joan; Vilà, Joaquim Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee In business terms, the ultimate purpose of innovation is to generate profitable growth. However, in mature industrial technology segments, endeavours of innovation often result merely in the maintenance of market share and rarely in net lasting growth. Expectations from the market for radical changes are unusual, and firms tend to focus on short term ... Más información Leer artículo relacionado

Can Strategic Planning Make Strategy More Relevant and Build Commitment over Time? 

Fecha: 06/2008 Autor / es: Vilà, Joaquim; Canales, J. Ignacio Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee This paper illustrates that the way a company approaches strategic planning has major implications for strategy development. Lessons are inductively derived from the evolution of strategic planning at RACC automobile club. This case shows that the planning process is a powerful tool in the hands of management. Active participation in the process can ... Más información

Sequence of thinking and acting in strategy-making 

Fecha: 06/2005 Autor / es: Canales, J. Ignacio; Vilà, Joaquim Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee This paper gives an answer to the continuing emergent-deliberate debate. Thinking and acting are two outstanding features of this controversy. What is needed in the field is a framework that can explain under what circumstances each of these two features takes place along the strategy-making process. The focus of the paper is on the sequence of thinking ... Más información Leer artículo relacionado

Positioning strategies and prospects for success of emerging high-technology firms: The case of U.S. biotechnology 

Fecha: 2001 Autor / es: Vilà, Joaquim Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee This study estimates the relative contribution of strategy and a number of contextual factors to the prospects for success of newly created firms in the emerging stage of biotechnology. The focus is on an empirical analysis of the relative weight of patterns of positioning strategy (i.e. how a firm chooses to build over time its competitive position) ... Más información

Partner selection and trust building in West European-Russian joint ventures: A Western perspective 

Fecha: 1997 Autor / es: Ariño, Africa; Vilà, Joaquim; Abramov, M.; et al. Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee Partnerships are a common strategy for entering new countries. This entry strategy has certain peculiarities. On the one hand, having a local partner may reduce the entry risk faced by the company, and also the level of resources it has to commit. This can be an advantage when country risk is high and the company is unfamiliar with the host country. ... Más información
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