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Toward a Conceptual Model of the Role of Entrepreneurship in the Family Office 

Date: 05/11/2013 Author(s): Roure, Juan; Segurado, Juan Luis; Welsh, D.; Rosplock, K. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This study explores the development of the family office as an entrepreneurial process. We focus on how multigenerational family ownership groups reinvent themselves to manage and govern a family office beyond its main operating business as if it was its main business for the purpose of wealth acceleration across generations. There is a diverse understanding ... More information

Perceptions of Entrepreneurship across Generations in Family Offices 

Date: 09/2013 Author(s): Welsh, D.; Memili, Esra; Rosplock, K.; Roure, Juan; Segurado, Juan Luis Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Family offices have been in existence for at least two centuries and have substantial impact on the wealth and prosperity of the families behind them. However, despite their practical relevance, family offices remain an under-researched topic in family business studies. Drawing upon stewardship theory, this qualitative study examines the perceptions ... More information

Executive Forum: Public Support for the Business Angel Market in Europe 

Date: 02/2007 Author(s): Aernoudt, Rudy; San José, Amparo; Roure, Juan Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Various levels of government have implemented instruments to promote business angel investment, often mirroring those used to support the institutional venture capital market. The paper reviews the existing practices at a point in time when intervention in the field of business angels is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Governments are looking ... More information

Business Angel Academies: Unleashing the potential for Business Angel investment 

Date: 04/2005 Author(s): San José, Amparo; Roure, Juan; Aernoudt, Rudy Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Previous research has highlighted the existence of an information problem (information gap) among business angels, mainly due to their desire to keep a low public profile and to the informal character of the market. The creation of business angels' networks was promoted in order to deal with this gap. This approach, however, only partly succeeded in ... More information

Managing internationally: International dimensions of the managerial task 

Date: 12/1993 Author(s): Roure, Juan; Álvarez Alvarez, José Luis; García Pont, Carlos; Nueno, José Luis Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Following a review of the literature on managing internationally, Juan Roure, José Luis Alvarez, Carlos Garcia-Pont and José Nueno challenge the conventional view. This says that international managers are generalists with a global mind set, and that in the process of internationalisation the internal and external tasks of the manager are affected ... More information

Management, strategy, and industry structure as influences on the success of new firms: A structural model 

Date: 10/1990 Author(s): Roure, Juan; Keeley, RH. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This study develops and tests a model examining the interrelationships and relative importance of management characteristics, business strategy and industry structure as influences on the performance of new, technology based companies. For a sample of 36 companies the founding managers had a sizeable influence on the quality of the industry/strategy ... More information

Predictors of success in new technology based ventures 

Date: 07/1990 Author(s): Roure, Juan; Keeley, RH. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Several recent studies have examined the causes of success and failure in new ventures. From these a three-level analysis has evolved, which considers the management, the venture's strategy, and its competitive environment. Empirical testing is still at an early stage, but results have generally supported the three-level approach. However, the findings ... More information

Linking prefunding factors and high-technology venture success: An exploratory study 

Date: 10/1986 Author(s): Roure, Juan; Maidique M. A. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This study reports on the exploratory phase of a research project on prefunding factors influencing the success of high-technology start-up companies. The study was done in collaboration with two major West Coast venture capital firms that allowed the authors full access to the due diligence files, investment proposals, and closing documents associated ... More information
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