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Fixing the Payment System at Alvalade XXI: A Case on IT Project Risk Management 

Date: 12/2007 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This article discusses the implementation and subsequent failure of an innovative system installed in the bars of Alvalade XXI, the recently built football stadium in Lisbon, Portugal. During the inauguration, the system failed spectacularly, creating a chaotic situation. The case study highlights risk and project management issues in large systems ... More information

Adoption correlates and share effects of electronic data interchange systems in marketing channels 

Date: 04/1992 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón; Kaufmann, P. J.; Konsynski, Benn R. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The establishment of electronic information interchange linkages between channel members offers significant potential for the transformation of their relationship, with significant benefits for all participants. The authors examine the adoption of a particular form of electronic data interchange (EDI), the computer-based interface offerings by insurance ... More information
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