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Towards dynamic clustering: Capabilities and IT enablers 

Date: 11/2007 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Chapter The benefits of clusters are traditionally associated with spatial proximity. In the 21st century, however, one can posit a new way of clustering based on networking of knowledge and competencies that goes beyond geographical proximity and overcomes the "inward-looking" nature associated with traditional clusters. This paper sets forth emerging forms ... More information

El nuevo sistema de pago en el estadio Alvalade XXI 

Date: 03/2007 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Non-refereed article Presenta la situación en el Estadio de Fútbol Alvalade XXI de Lisboa, en el que se planifica un sistema electrónico de pago en las concesiones de restauración, basado en tecnologías de redes para evitar el manejo de dinero en todas las instalaciones del estadio. More information

On dynamic clustering, innovation, and the role of IT: Research directions 

Date: 12/2006 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Chapter Although the benefits of clusters are traditionally associated with spatial proximity, in the 21st century one can posit a new way of clustering based on networking of knowledge and competencies, overcoming geographical proximity and the "inward-looking" nature of traditional clusters. The paper sets forth emerging forms of "virtual" clusters that ... More information

Knowledge management, learning trajectories and ICT in innovation clusters: Future research challenges 

Date: 10/2005 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón; Andreu i Civit, Rafael Document type: Chapter This paper addresses research challenges associated with the dynamics of knowledge in clusters and regional networks. It develops a conceptual framework, a methodology, and a future research agenda. The focus is on mapping and analysing clustered firms and their linkages. Network analysis is used to find patterns of learning that differ according to ... More information Read related article

Fostering networking in Barcelona's innovation ecosystem 

Date: 10/2005 Author(s): Huguet, R.; O'Callaghan, Ramón; Sieber, Sandra Document type: Chapter The paper discusses a field experiment on social-network stimulation to foster innovation in Barcelona. The initiative revolves around the City Council's decision to deploy and use IGIS, a Geographic Information System that generates an "Innovation Asset Map", i.e. a spatial representation and directory of the city's innovation assets and actors. The ... More information

IT-enabled growth nodes in Europe: Concepts, issues and research agenda 

Date: 12/2004 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Chapter 'Growth nodes' are introduced as an evolution of clusters that emphasizes networking as well as the knowledge transfer and social learning associated with conventional clusters. The spread of global and local networks is creating the potential for a new growth dynamics. It is not clear, however, what mix of ICT applications in any given cluster will ... More information

Technological innovation in organisations and their ecosystems 

Date: 12/2004 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Chapter Information and communication technologies (ICT) are presented as tools that help design, change, innovate, and learn in the emerging organizational models of the network economy. The new business paradigms regard the firm as a node in an ecosystem - a network of partners that collaborate to create customer experiences and intelligent products that ... More information

Transforming enterprise: The economic and social implications of information technology 

Date: 11/2004 Author(s): Editor(s): Dutton, W.H.; Kahin, B.; O'Callaghan, Ramón; Wyckoff, A.W. Document type: Book Innovators across all sectors of society are using information and communication technology to reshape economic and social activity. Even after the boom -and despite the bust- the process of structural change continues across organizational boundaries. "Transforming enterprise" considers the implications of this change from a balanced, post-bust perspective. ... More information

Growth nodes in a knowledge-based Europe: A research roadmap 

Date: 2004 Author(s): O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Chapter This chapter develops an agenda for research about knowledge management processes and the use of related information and communication technologies (ICTs) to foster 'growth nodes' within European regions. The term 'growth node' is used, rather than 'cluster' or 'growth pole', because the focus is not only on interrelatedness within, but also on interrelatedness ... More information

A transaction-based approach to strategic information systems formulation 

Date: 12/1993 Author(s): Andreu i Civit, Rafael; O'Callaghan, Ramón Document type: Working Paper This paper presents some conceptual and methodological elements useful for Information Technology and Information Systems (IT/IS) Strategy Formulation. The achievement of IT based competitive advantage requires more than just aligning IT/IS plans with business strategy: it calls for the design of the IT/IS strategy in parallel with business strategy. ... More information
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