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Developing the Logos-Based Persuasive Speech 

Date: 18/03/2014 Author(s): Neill, Conor Document type: Technical Note This note describes the preparation of the Logos-Based Speech for the IESE Managerial Communications course. It is a persuasive speech that uses reasoned argument as the primary basis for moving the audience to take action. More information Read related article

Creating and Nurturing your Social Network 

Date: 12/05/2011 Author(s): Neill, Conor; Ferraro, Fabrizio Document type: Technical Note Networking is the art of building long-term mutually beneficial relationships, and this note will describe what social networks can do, what networking is, and what is not. We provide seven suggestions on how to begin the process of building your network. More information Read related article

Effective Evaluation of Spoken Communication 

Date: 03/06/2010 Author(s): Neill, Conor; Mueck, Florian; Leggett, Brian O'Connor Document type: Technical Note An important part of powerful communication is developing your own ability to continuously improve as a communicator. Immediate specific feedback is necessary if you are to become a truly great speaker. Effective evaluation is an important part. As you become more skilled in evaluating others, you will become better able to ask for feedback on your ... More information

The Art of Persuasive Communications 

Date: 03/03/2010 Author(s): Neill, Conor; Leggett, Brian O'Connor Document type: Technical Note A leader is someone who sees a change that is required in the world and brings together the resources to achieve that change. In my world, the most important resources are people. I will discuss the five components of powerful persuasive speaking and three models of deliberate practice that will allow you to become a powerful speaker and move people ... More information

Pitching to Professional Investors 

Date: 23/11/2009 Author(s): Neill, Conor; Leggett, Brian O'Connor Document type: Technical Note This is a technical note on preparing and delivering a presentation to investors for the purpose of raising capital for your business venture. The standard pitch to professional investors is a brief, well rehearsed Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that might include a demonstration or professionally produced prototype. Such meetings do not last more ... More information

Preparing for Job Interviews 

Date: 03/06/2009 Author(s): Neill, Conor; Leggett, Brian O'Connor Document type: Technical Note Job interviews are stressful - even for people who have gone on countless interviews. The best way to reduce the stress is to be prepared. Take the time to review the "standard" interview questions you will most likely be asked. This technical note contains 71 typical interview questions and guidance on successful interview preparation. More information
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