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Os segredos de um discurso persuasivo 

Date: 03/2015 Author(s): Neill, Conor Document type: Non-refereed article Falar em público, para muitos, é um grande desafio. No entanto, com treino e algumas técnicas, é possível conquistar todos aqueles que estão o ouvindo. More information

The Twin Pillars of Effective Leadership  Premium

Date: 15/09/2010 Author(s): Leggett, Brian O'Connor; Neill, Conor Document type: Non-refereed article During periods of crisis or disenchantment, charismatic leaders emerge because they offer an alternative to the uncertainty of the times. Such was the case in the 1980s with Ronald Reagan, whose clear message and emotional style held across-the-board appeal and provided a sense of certainty after years of political and social turbulence. Using case ... More information Read related article
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