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Action research in operations management: an analysis of its contribution to research and managerial practice 

Date: 17/06/2019 Author(s): Alfaro, José Antonio; Avella, Lucía; Moscoso, Philip; Näslund, Dag Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Proceeding This paper analyses the theoretical and managerial contributions of action research (AR) studies in the field of Operations Management. First, it develops two corresponding frameworks to classify the different types of both research and managerial contributions produced by AR studies. Secondly, the paper then analyzes and classifies accordingly these ... More information

Operations Management For Executives: Realize The Full Potential Of Your Company 

Date: 07/09/2017 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Lago, Alejandro Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Book Operations Management for Executives reviews all that managers should know to be able to turn the operations of their companies into a source of competitive advantage. Understanding operations is key to improve how any organization actually works. In fact, excellence and innovation in operations have played an essential role in many of the great success ... More information Read related article

Operations Management: Not Just What You Do, But How You Do It 

Date: 24/05/2017 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Seager, Phil Document type: Chapter Every media business has some activities required to make a product or service and deliver it into the hands of the end user: that's operations. If leveraged well, operations (the how we do things in the company) can themselves become a source of competitive advantage, not only in terms of gaining a strong cost position through greater efficiencies, ... More information

The Role of Quick Response in Accelerating Sales of Fashion Goods 

Date: 24/05/2016 Author(s): Lago, Alejandro; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Moscoso, Philip; Vall, Andreu Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Chapter Quick response has been proposed as an appropriate operational strategy to serve volatile markets. In fashion, postponing design, production, and distribution as much as possible may indeed reduce the uncertainty related to product success. In this paper, we provide an empirical study of the influence of lead time and sourcing origin on product success, ... More information

Five Strategies for Innovative Operations 

Date: 04/2016 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Lago, Alejandro Document type: Non-refereed article As globalization and new technologies open the door to innovative ways of working, improvements in operations management are becoming an important competitive edge for companies. What do companies like Toyota, Zara, Amazon and Ikea have in common? In addition to occupying a leading position in their respective sectors, each of them has marked a watershed ... More information

Late And Over-Budget? A Method To Avoid Project Management Disasters 

Date: 09/03/2015 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Ribera, Jaume Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Non-refereed article From a project management perspective, the construction of the Channel Tunnel between France and Britain is a classic failure. That is the only way to describe a project that ended up costing more than twice the amount budgeted and years behind schedule. The problem that sinks many projects, like this one, is the lack of an efficient project management ... More information

Uma abordagem de operações mais humanista 

Date: 11/2013 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Lago, Alejandro; Rodríguez-Lluesma, Carlos Document type: Non-refereed article Por mais automatizado que seja uma empresa, sempre há pessoas por trás desse intervenção. Saber aliar todos os processos com o engajamento do Recursos Humanos pode fazer uma diferença tamanha para a melhora de qualidade de toda a organização. More information

Visión a largo plazo 

Date: 20/06/2013 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip Editor(s): Cátedra Eurest de Excelencia en los Servicios Document type: Non-refereed article El presente artículo describe el reloj de 10.000 años, que con un coste de 40 millones de dólares, está construyendo Jeff Bezos, el fundador de la empresa Amazon en EE.UU. Es su tributo al pensamiento a largo plazo, el factor de éxito más importante en el desarrollo de Amazon en su opinión. Al margen del toque excéntrico de la iniciativa, muchos directivos ... More information

Put your customer in the front row 

Date: 10/2012 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Lago, Alejandro Document type: Non-refereed article Stronger competition and more demanding customers require companies to deliver exceptional service and ultimately offer differentiated value propositions in an ef?cient way. To do so successfully, companies need to innovate and continuously improve their service models, but with a holistic view that ensures coherence between strategy and operations. ... More information

Enriching supply chain capabilities in consumer goods business 

Date: 07/2012 Author(s): Moscoso, Philip; Lago, Alejandro Document type: Proceeding The aim of this paper is to contribute to the managerial knowledge development about supply chain capabilities. In the years to come, supply chains (SC) need not only to excel on cost and time, but also become better in terms of flexibility. Our main contribution is a conceptual design framework that guides managers when investing in flexibility. First, ... More information Read related article
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