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Anticompetitive Effects Of Common Ownership 

Fecha: 08/2018 Autor / es: Azar, José; Schmalz, Martin; Tecu, Isabel Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee Many natural competitors are jointly held by a small set of large institutional investors. In the U.S. airline industry, taking common ownership into account implies increases in market concentration that are 10 times larger than what is "presumed likely to enhance market power" by antitrust authorities. Within?route changes in common ownership concentration ... Más información Leer artículo relacionado

Common Ownership of Competitors Raises Antitrust Concerns 

Fecha: 04/2017 Autor / es: Azar, José; Schmalz, Martin C. Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee Many industry rivals are commonly owned by an overlapping set of (mostly institutional) investors. Recent empirical research on US airlines and banks has pointed to a likely causal link between common ownership and higher product prices. This note summarises the research to date, reactions by legal scholars, and policy responses, and offers some new ... Más información

Can Changes in the Cost of Carry Explain the Dynamics of Corporate "Cash" Holdings? 

Fecha: 08/2016 Autor / es: Azar, José; Kagy, Jean-François; Schmalz, Martin C. Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee Firms until recently were effectively constrained to hold liquid assets in non-interest-bearing accounts. As a result, the cost of capital of firms' liquid-assets portfolios exceeded the return, especially when the risk-free interest rate was high. The spread between cost and return is the cost of carry. Changes in the cost of carry explain the dynamics ... Más información
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