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Sustainability of Column-Supported RC Slabs: Fiber Reinforcement as an Alternative 

Date: 07/2019 Author(s): de la Fuente, Albert; Casanovas-Rubio, Maria del Mar; Pons, Oriol; Armengou Orús, Jaume Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Fiber-reinforced concrete has been used in structures without any additional reinforcement when the design is determined by transient load stages (precast segments for tunnels), in elements with favorable boundary conditions, and in structures subjected to low load levels (pavements or pipes). Recently, the material has been used as the primary reinforcement ... More information

Self-construction in informal settlements: A multiple-criteria decision-making method for assessing sustainability of floor slabs in Bucaramanga, Colombia 

Date: 03/2019 Author(s): Caballero Moreno, William G.; Alegre, Inés; Armengou, Jaume; Aguado, A. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In many developing countries, a large part of the urban population lives in self-built houses located in informal settlements. Due to the basic methods and materials used in self-construction, most houses are only one or two stories high. As a consequence, these informal settlements tend to expand rapidly outward, occupying the safest areas first and ... More information

Moral Legitimacy in Controversial Projects and its Relationship with Social License to Operate: A Case Study 

Date: 07/2016 Author(s): Melé, Domènec; Armengou, Jaume Editor(s): Cátedra de Ética Empresarial y de los Negocios Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Moral legitimacy entails intrinsic value and helps executives convince firm?s stakeholders and the general public of the ethical acceptability of an institution or its activities or projects. Social license to operate (SLO) is the social approval of those affected by a certain business activity, and it is receiving increasing attention, especially ... More information

Sistema integrado para toma de decisiones en el diseño de estructuras de hormigón 

Date: 07/2012 Author(s): Armengou, Jaume; Aguado, A.; Ormazábal, Gaizka Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) El presente artículo hace una breve reflexión sobre las alternativas in situ y prefabricadas para estructuras de hormigón, justificando la necesidad de profundizar en métodos multicriterio como ayuda a la toma de decisiones. Manifiesta la trascendencia de la calidad en las decisiones más allá de este ámbito concreto, así como su influencia en la mayor ... More information
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