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Shadow Banking

Date: 01/11/2013 Author(s): Jorge Soley; Carlos Sánchez de León Document type: Technical Note This note explains the growing phenomenon of shadow banking as a non-regulated part of the financial system. In the United States, shadow banking is more important than the traditional banking sector in terms of assets used and it is experiencing high growth rates in Europe as well. The note asks whether shadow banking has more advantages than the ... More information

Banking in Spain

Date: 01/02/2016 Author(s): Joaquín Maudos; Xavier Vives Document type: Book Chapter This handbook presents a timely collection of original studies on relevant themes, policies and developments in European banking. The contributors analyse how the crisis years have had a long lasting impact on the structure of European banking and explore the regulatory architecture that has started to take form in their wake. Academic experts and ... More information

Electronic Banking

Date: 01/05/2004 Author(s): Jorge Soley Document type: Technical Note This note discusses the history of electronic banking, analyzes its functioning (looking at credit and debit cards, Internet, virtual cards, etc.) and examines the economic implications of this form of banking. More information

Private Banking

Date: 01/08/2005 Author(s): Jorge Soley Document type: Technical Note This note explains the characteristics of this type of entity, also known as wealth management agencies, which give advice to and invest the funds of high net worth individuals. The note outlines the range of products and services provided by private banking, their investment strategies, their "Asset Allocation" strategies and the future of this ... More information

Online Banking

Date: 01/06/2001 Author(s): Jorge Soley Document type: Technical Note This technical note analyzes the e-banking mode. However, it emphasizes not its organizational aspects, but rather how it affects relations with individuals (B2C) and businesses (B2B). It focuses mainly on B2B. It explains the effects of Internet on any company, emphasizing the idea of the marketplace as an electronic center for business; it explains ... More information

International Banking Structures

Date: 01/02/1996 Author(s): Jorge Soley Document type: Technical Note Adopting a distinctly global perspective, this technical note describes in detail the banking systems of the main European countries, the United States and some Latin American countries. With the increasing globalization of the banking system, stimulated by "prudential policy", the great similarity between the different types of banks in the international ... More information

Competition in Spanish banking

Date: 01/01/1990 Author(s): Caminal R.; Jordi Gual; Xavier Vives Document type: Working Paper The purpose of this paper is to assess the state of competition in the Spanish banking system in the wake of the integration of the European financial market. Banking in Spain has undergone a strong liberalization process in the last fifteen years; this has accelerated recently, evolving from a situation of tight regulation and protection from competition ... More information

Redefining the Rules of Banking

Date: 01/11/2013 Author(s): IESE IESE; IESE Insight Document type: Interview (Video) Banks need to get together and act as an industry because you can't take an insular approach to what is systemic risk, says Simon Paris of SAP. Everything has changed in banking and banks have to reinvent themselves. They also have to get back to basics to win back trust and this means becoming more customer oriented. More information

European Banking: An American Perspective

Date: 01/01/2015 Author(s): IESE IESE; IESE Insight Document type: Interview (Video) Former Federal Reserve governor and current Harvard professor Jeremy Stein looks at the unique challenges facing European banking and explains what regulators can learn from the United States. More information

Global Transaction Banking

Date: 01/07/2011 Author(s): Leonardo Tariffi; Sergi Cutillas; Jorge Soley Document type: Technical Note Banks have realized that they have to solve the liquidity problems of SMEs which can lead to bankruptcy under normal circumstances. They have developed the concept of transactional banking, which is usually a banking division where customers can obtain short-term credit facilities and upon approval of the ¿umbrella¿ credit line, can choose the product ... More information
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