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Here comes the sun

Date: 01/11/2021 Author(s): Victor Martínez de Albéniz; Abdel Belkaid Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The weather has been identified as an important driver of demand and constitutes a major risk for retailers, especially in goods for which usage is affected by weather conditions, such as soft drinks or fashion apparel. Specifically, weather variations change the propensity to visit the point of sales, because travel cost is affected by weather conditions; ... More information

Digitalization and omnichannel retailing: Innovative OR approaches for retail operations

Date: 01/11/2021 Author(s): A. Hübner; P. Amorim; J. Fransoo; D. Honhon; H. Kuhn; Victor Martínez de Albéniz; D. Robb Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Omnichannel retailing and digitalization result in considerable challenges for the management and optimization of retail operations. The continued demand of quantitative insights, their practical need, and the growing availability of data motivates an increasing number of scientists and practitioners to intensify research on demand and supply-related ... More information

Sustainability-driven decision-making model

Date: 01/10/2021 Author(s): Oriol Pons; Maria del Mar Casanovas-Rubio; Jaume Armengou; Albert de la Fuente Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Currently, foundation piles for inhabited areas are often constructed using a continuous flight auger, which is a cost- and time-efficient technology that does not require stabilization of the borehole wall; the steel bar reinforcement is embedded after the concrete has been poured. However, this reinforcement operation can lead to severe construction ... More information

Spatial distribution of fungi from the analysis of aerobiological data with a gamma function

Date: 01/09/2021 Author(s): Andrés M. Vélez-Pereira; C. de Linares; Miguel Ángel Canela; J. Belmonte Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Fungi are an important component of ecosystems. Some fungi are widely distributed, while others are limited to certain habitats. Studies based on airborne fungal spores can help to know the geographical distribution of fungi in the territory. Our aim was to show that a gamma probability density function (gpdf) based on a database of 20 airborne fungal ... More information

Four myths about unauthorized subcontracting

Date: 01/09/2021 Author(s): Felipe Caro; Leonard Lane; Anna Sáez de Tejada Cuenca Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Organizations that want to improve supply chain visibility — and reduce diverted orders — must use analytics and think beyond price. More information

Same data, different conclusions

Date: 01/07/2021 Author(s): M. Schweinsberg; Elana R. Feldman; N. Staub; O. R. van den Akker; R. C. M. van Aert; M. A. L. M. van Assen; Y. Liu; T. Althoff; J. Heer; A. Kale; Z. Mohamed; H. Amireh; V. Venkatesh Prasad; A. Bernstein; E. Robinson; K. Snellman; S. Amy Sommer; S. M. G. Otner; David Robinson; N. Madan; Raphael Silberzahn; P. Goldstein; Warren Tierney; T. Murase; B. Mandl; D. Viganola; C. Strobl; C. B. C. Schaumans; S. Kelchtermans; C. Naseeb; S. Mason Garrison; T. Yarkoni; C. S. Richard Chan; P. Adie; P. Alaburda; C. Albers; S. Alspaugh; J. Alstott; A. A. Nelson; E. Ariño de la Rubia; A. Arzi; Š. Bahník; J. Baik; L. Winther Balling; S. Banker; D. AA Baranger; D. J. Barr; B. Barros-Rivera; M. Bauer; E. Blaise; L. Boelen; K. Bohle Carbonell; R. A. Briers; O. Burkhard; Miguel Ángel Canela; L. Castrillo; T. Catlett; O. Chen; M. Clark; B. Cohn; A. Coppock; Natàlia Cugueró-Escofet; P. G. Curran; W. Cyrus-Lai; D. Dai; G. Valentino Dalla Riva; H. Danielsson; R. D. F. S. M. Russo; N. de Silva; C. Derungs; F. Dondelinger; C. Duarte de Souza; B. Tyson Dube; M. Dubova; B. Mark Dunn; P. Adriaan Edelsbrunner; S. Finley; N. Fox; T. Gnambs; Y. Gong; E. Grand; B. Greenawalt; D. Han; P. H. P. Hanel; A. B. Hong; D. Hood; J. Hsueh; L. Huang; K. N. Hui; K. A. Hultman; A. Javaid; L. Ji Jiang; Jonathan Jong; J. Kamdar; D. Kane; G. Kappler; E. Kaszubowski; C. M. Kavanagh; M. Khabsa; B. Kleinberg; J. Kouros; H. Krause; A.-M. Krypotos; D. Lavbič; R. Ling Lee; T. Leffel; W. Yang Lim; S. Liverani; B. Loh; D. Lønsmann; J. Wei Low; A. Lu; K. MacDonald; C. R. Madan; L. Hjorth Madsen; C. Maimone; A. Mangold; A. Marshall; H. Ester Matskewich; K. Mavon; K. L. McLain; A. A. McNamara; M. McNeill; U. Mertens; D. Miller; B. Moore; A. Moore; E. Nantz; Z. Nasrullah; V. Nejkovic; C. S. Nell; A. Arthur Nelson; G. Nilsonne; Richard L. Nolan; C. E. O'Brien; P. O'Neill; K. O'Shea; T. Olita; J. Otterbacher; D. Palsetia; B. Pereira; I. Pozdniakov; J. Protzko; J.-N. Reyt; T. Riddle; A. (Akmal) Ridhwan Omar Ali; I. Ropovik; J. M. Rosenberg; S. Rothen; M. Schulte-Mecklenbeck; N. Sharma; G. Shotwell; M. Skarzynski; W. Stedden; V. Stodden; M. A. Stoffel; S. Stoltzman; S. Subbaiah; R. Tatman; P. H. Thibodeau; S. Tomkins; Ana Valdivia; G. B. Druijff-van de Woestijne; L. Viana; F. Villesèche; W. Duncan Wadsworth; F. Wanders; K. Watts; J. D. Wells; C. E. Whelpley; A. Won; L. Wu; A. Yip; C. Youngflesh; J.-C. Yu; A. Zandian; L. Zhang; C. Zibman; Eric Luis Uhlmann Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In this crowdsourced initiative, independent analysts used the same dataset to test two hypotheses regarding the effects of scientists’ gender and professional status on verbosity during group meetings. Not only the analytic approach but also the operationalizations of key variables were left unconstrained and up to individual analysts. For instance, ... More information

bnc10: An Alternative to Traditional Banking

Date: 01/06/2021 Author(s): Miguel Antón; Mireia Giné; De la Peña Juan; Llorens Albert Document type: Case New round of financing for a recently born Neobank More information

Pairwise influences in dynamic choice

Date: 01/05/2021 Author(s): Stefano Nasini; Victor Martínez de Albéniz Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In this paper, we study the problem of network discovery and influence propagation, and propose an integrated approach for the analysis of lead-lag synchronization in multiple choices. Network models for the processes by which decisions propagate through social interaction have been studied before, but only a few consider unknown structures of interacting ... More information

Iberostar: Wave of Change

Date: 01/05/2021 Author(s): María del Mar de Ros; Elena San Román; Julia Prats Document type: Case During the World Travel Market (WTM), held on November 5 and 6 in London, the Wave of Change movement, promoted by Iberostar Group, received the highest award at the International Travel & Tourism Awards in the category, "Outstanding contribution to the travel & tourism industry" It also garnered the prestigious WTM World Responsible Tourism Award, ... More information

Iberostar: ola de cambio

Date: 01/05/2021 Author(s): María del Mar de Ros; Elena San Román; Julia Prats Document type: Case En la World Travel Market (WTM), que se celebró los días 5 y 6 de noviembre del 2019 en Londres, el movimiento Ola de Cambio (Wave of Change [WOC]), impulsado por el Grupo Iberostar, recibió el máximo galardón de los International Travel & Tourism Awards en la categoría "outstanding contribution to the travel & tourism industry", así como en el prestigioso ... More information
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