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Here comes the sun 

Date: 11/02/2020 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Belkaid, Abdel Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The weather has been identified as an important driver of demand and constitutes a major risk for retailers, especially in goods for which usage is affected by weather conditions, such as soft drinks or fashion apparel. Specifically, weather variations change the propensity to visit the point of sales, because travel cost is affected by weather conditions; ... More information

The Future of retail operations 

Date: 01/2020 Author(s): Caro, Felipe; Kok, Gurhan; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Retailing consists of all the activities associated with the selling of goods to the final consumer. In this article, we review the research on retail operations published in Manufacturing & Service Operations Research (M&SOM) since 1999. We then discuss the current retail landscape and the new research directions it offers, in which M&SOM can play ... More information

Pricing and assortment strategies with product exchanges 

Date: 01/2020 Author(s): Wagner, Laura; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Lenient return policies enable consumers to return or exchange products they are unsatisfied with, which boosts sales. Unfortunately, they also increase retailer costs. We develop a search framework where consumers sequentially learn about products? true value and evaluate whether to keep, exchange, or return them. Our formulation results in a tractable ... More information

Modelización del sector logístico en Catalunya 

Date: 12/11/2019 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Balsach, Jordi; Carrasco, Carlos; Franca, Pedro; Salvador, Jordi Collaborator(s): International Economic Forum in Logistics (IEFL); Barcelona Centre Logístic Catalunya; Sponsor(s): PPSRC - Public-Private Sector Research Center Document type: Occasional Paper El documento presenta los resultados de la modelización del sector logístico en Cataluña y aporta información novedosa en relación con dos aspectos: en primer lugar, determina el número de camiones de transporte de mercancías que circulan por cada tramo de forma diaria, pudiendo establecerse cuántos transitan por las distintas vías, lo cual permite ... More information

Measuring and exploiting the impact of exhibition scheduling on museum attendance 

Date: 10/2019 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Valdivia, Ana Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Attendance at a museum fluctuates over time and is largely dependent on which exhibitions are on display. In this paper, we build a model to study and manage the impact of exhibitions on the number of museum visitors. We first estimate the model using data collected from two large museums in Barcelona. We find that, in addition to seasonality, exhibition ... More information Read related article

Supply Base Design for the Procurement of Multiple Items 

Date: 08/2019 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Wang, Jiao Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Sourcing new products in advance entails significant risks for a buyer. To reduce the possibility of bringing a mediocre item to the market, buyers can build a large supply base and pick the best available products after uncertainties have materialized. Designing such a supply base is a challenging task: the buyer needs to decide how many suppliers ... More information Read related article

Omnichannel Strategy at Camper 

Date: 05/06/2019 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Document type: Case Miguel Fluxá, CEO of Camper, had just returned from a visit to a customer, who, in addition to selling Camper shoes, was delivering clothing from store to online customers. He found it to be an inspiring idea. Miguel rushed to see Sito Luis, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Camper, to ask him whether it would be possible to connect orders ... More information

Tractable Approximations for Assortment Planning with Product Costs 

Date: 03/2019 Author(s): Kunnumkal, Sumit; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Editor(s): CIMS - Center for Innovation Marketing and Strategy Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Assortment planning under a logit demand model is a difficult problem when there are product-specific fixed costs. We develop a new continuous relaxation of the problem that is based on the parametrization of the problem on the total assortment attractiveness. This relaxation provides an upper bound on the optimal expected profit. We show that the ... More information

Effects of Assortment Breadth Announcements on Manufacturer Competition 

Date: 27/03/2018 Author(s): Heese, Sebastian; Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Retailers typically use assortment planning to maximize store profits given product characteristics. We study the manufacturers' price-setting interactions and how these can be manipulated by the retailer's assortment strategy. We show that constraining the breadth of the assortment has two main effects on retailer profits: First, a larger assortment ... More information Read related article

Bicing: Bike-Sharing in Barcelona 

Date: 05/09/2017 Author(s): Martínez de Albéniz, Victor Document type: Case Monday mornings were tough for Toni Roig. During the months of June and July, he had received phone calls from the mayor¿s office every other Monday. The topic was always the same: ¿Did you read the newspapers?¿ In the second summer since the introduction of the Barcelona bike-sharing system, Bicing, which was managed by his department at BSM, the ... More information
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