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How to escape the success trap -- and not fall into another one

Enrique Ide

Research suggests that current success can be detrimental to innovation, even in a completely "rational" or "hyper-paranoid" organization. But it is possible to escape the success trap.

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Rembrand Koning; Sampsa Samila; John-Paul Ferguson
New research in Science finds that patents filed by female inventors are more likely to focus on women's health, but that relatively few women are filing patents. The paper points to untapped opportunities for innovation.
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Pedro Videla
The Nobel Prize-winning economist, Robert Mundell (1932-2021), passed away on Easter Day, April 4, 2021. Professor Pedro Videla eulogizes the man known as the "father of the euro" as well as one of the founders of the field of open economy macroeconomics.
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