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5 Keys to Business in the Digital Age

Valor, Josep

Risks or opportunities? Josep Valor analyzes five fundamental concepts of the digital economy and poses questions for reflection to help evaluate whether they present a threat or opportunity for your company.

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DBS CEO Piyush Gupta used to call data the new oil but now he calls it the new air because it's everywhere and harder to control. "We're going to have to develop new social rules around data," he says, using an analogy of a gun vs. a knife. "We haven't even started thinking about how these rules will play out."
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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Lount, R.; Doyle, S.; Brion, Sebastien; Pettit, N. C.
Does having an audience affect your motivation on a team project? And does it matter how well you are regarded by your teammates at the outset? Research coauthored by Sebastien Brion looks at the relationship between status, performance expectations and effort, and how it's affected by visibility.
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Leadership and People Management
The Impact of Cultural Identity on Effective Global Leadership and Teamwork
Lee, Yih-Teen; Masuda, A.; Fu, Xin; Reiche, Sebastian
Innovation and Change
Evidence of Intelligent Life Found on Earth
Ferradans, Hugo; Tapia, Albert; Rodríguez Planas, Miquel; Banal Estanol, Albert; Ricart, Joan Enric