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IESE Insight is a quarterly research-based review, published in English and Spanish editions (ISSN-2013-3901). Publishing on line enables the entire magazine content to be complemented by related teaching and research materials, opinion articles, business indicators, audiovisual files and a fully searchable database of archived material comprising over 20,000 references.


As with the main Insight portal, the review reaches a potential audience of some 42,000 business executives working in organizations of all shapes and sizes in more than 100 countries. These represent a mix of IESE alumni who are all business people working multinationally; academics and professors from other world-class institutions; and general subscribers who are interested in the business themes, including those from the financial press.


Each issue of IESE Insight contains a stimulating mix of in-depth articles, lively interviews and practice-oriented features.

  • MY Insight: The magazine opens with first-person columns to get you thinking.

  • EARLY Insight: A roundup of quotes, quips, quick knowledge and business trends.

  • DEEP Insight: An executive dossier focusing on one overarching theme tackled from different angles, to help readers get to grips with a big issue of management from various vantage points of general management. A useful reference to keep on a given theme.

  • PERSONAL Insight: A face-to-face interview with a top leader, facilitated by a senior IESE professor knowledgeable in the same business area as the CEO, so as to extract the most relevant talking points for managers.

  • EXPERT Insight: Articles on any subject (not related to the cover dossier), based on serious research but reinterpreted to highlight the practical implications and real-life application for managers.

  • BUSINESS Insight: Executives suggest possible ways of tackling a real-life business dilemma, based on their own experiences, linked to an actual teaching case prepared by and available from IESE for group discussion. "Here's what I would do in this situation…"

  • WIDER Insight: An interview with an intriguing personality whose job is not "business as usual." Embedded in the discussion are lateral insights that managers can apply to their own workplace scenarios.

  • LAST Insight: A final thought from a learned professor, usually recalling the wisdom of past thinkers to address some (not so) modern problems.


"IESE Business School is committed to the development of leaders who can have a deep, positive and lasting impact on people, firms and society through professionalism, integrity and spirit of service."

Therefore, IESE Insight aims to reflect the school's mission through its content and related materials.

  • General management perspective: Articles are framed according to 14 different knowledge areas - because today's leaders require as broad an understanding of other disciplines as possible, which will affect their performance no matter what their particular business.

  • International character: Disseminating practice-oriented management research, especially from, but not limited to, IESE's European base, and building a bridge between universities and businesses worldwide. IESE is able to leverage its links with 16 associated business schools it helped to set up on four continents, its historical ties with Harvard, and its numerous affiliations in North and Latin America, Asia and Africa, to generate content that is truly global and genuinely represents a diverse range of opinions and cultural perspectives.

  • Transformational impact: Knowledge and theories are framed in terms of application and positive action.

  • Knowledge development: The review is designed to stimulate fresh thinking on important issues that have impact, timeliness, currency or usefulness for practicing senior managers.

  • Commitment to the common good of companies and society: By the end of each article, readers should feel better equipped to handle future challenges and make decisions to improve themselves, the people they work with and the world in which they operate.

  • Learning and listening: Publishing electronically provides greater scope for interaction through online forums, multimedia elements and other dynamic content.

  • Teamwork: IESE Insight works collaboratively with professors from other leading business schools around the world to bring the best material, not just IESE material, to a wider audience.


With guidance from IESE experts, content is selected, vetted and edited by experienced professionals. The people behind IESE Insight are:

Editorial Director Emeritus
Prof. Antonio Argandoña (Economics, Business Ethics)

Editorial Board
Prof. Fabrizio Ferraro (Strategic Management),
Prof. Carlos García Pont (Marketing),
Prof. Beatriz Muñoz-Seca (Production, Technology and Operations Management),
Prof. Sebastian Reiche (Managing People in Organizations),
Prof. Joan Enric Ricart (Strategic Management),
Prof. Carles Vergara (Financial Managemant)

Content Unit Director
Gemma Golobardes

Marta Comín (Spanish Edition), Jordi Navarrete (Spanish Edition),
Cintra Scott (English Edition), Philip Seager (English Edition),
Emily McBride (English Assistant Editor), Roger Perelló (Spanish Assistant Editor)

Editorial Contributors
Cristina Aced, Nicholas Corbishley, Tomás Crespo, Cristina Freeman, Carlos Milla, Javier Moncayo, David Oliver, Lydia Smears, Larisa Tatge, Gemma Tonijuan, Stephen Waller, Daniel Woolls, Natasha Young

Cases i Associats

Javier Martínez León

Alejandra Villar

Oriol Gil

IESE Business School – University of Navarra
Av. Pearson, 21
08034 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 93 253 4200
E-mail: ads@ieseinsight.com

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