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Piyush Gupta: "We Do Real Things for Real People" 

Interview With Piyush Gupta, CEO & Director, DBS Group

Heukamp, Franz

Piyush Gupta, CEO and Director of DBS Group, believes companies should be making a positive impact on the world. To find out more about Gupta's personal approach to leadership, IESE Dean Franz Heukamp sat down with him at an Alumni event in Singapore to discuss areas of mutual concern -- from the growing relevance of Asia, to the globalization and digitization challenges confronting business leaders today.

Bill McDermott: "There's no room for small dreams." 

Interview With Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP

Weber, Eric

"Take good care of your customers and good things happen." That's certainly been true for Bill McDermott, the first non-European CEO of the German software company SAP. He sat down with Eric Weber at the IESE Global Alumni Reunion in Madrid to talk about how hard work and disciplined execution can achieve audacious growth -- but you've got to dream big and, when life knocks you down, you have to get back up and keep going.

Romaine Seguin: "It's what you do, not what you say. You have to lead by example." 

Interview With Romaine Seguin, President, UPS, Americas Region

Elvira, Marta

Over the course of her 35 years with UPS, Romaine Seguin has gone from being a driver and hub supervisor to becoming President of the Americas Region, with responsibility for all UPS package and cargo operations in Canada and more than 50 countries and territories across Latin America and the Caribbean. She recently attended IESE's Miami Business Summit, where she talked with Marta Elvira, holder of the Puig Chair of Global Leadership Development, about the disruptions facing her industry, from tech to natural disasters, and how she tries to lead by example.

Calvin Klein has always been a youthful, culturally relevant brand. And since becoming CEO in 2014, Steve Shiffman has been working hard to make sure it stays that way, unifying multiple strategies under a singular vision. In this interview with IESE's Fabrizio Ferraro, he explains his decision to hire Belgian designer Raf Simons, the future of retail, and the key qualities of successful global leadership.

Andrew Lack: "It's a great challenge, but I'm up for the fight and optimistic about where it's going." 

Interview With Andrew Lack, Chairman of NBC News and MSNBC

Baker, Bill

While older viewers are still tuning in to terrestrial and cable broadcasts on a TV set, millennials are more likely to be keeping up to date with current events via their smartphones. NBC Chairman Andrew Lack came to IESE's New York Center to discuss this and other media industry challenges with Bill Baker, another veteran journalist and the Distinguished Professor of Media and Entertainment at IESE.

Luca de Meo: "To build a brand, focus on two things: relevance and uniqueness." 

Interview With Luca de Meo, Chairman of SEAT

Dávila, Antonio

With 25 years' experience in the automotive industry, Luca de Meo comes to SEAT (part of the Volkswagen group) ready to write a new chapter in the company's history. On the launch of the SEAT Chair of Innovation at IESE, de Meo sat down with Tony Dávila to talk about the road ahead.

Mark Hutchinson: "We have to sell differently because our customers buy differently." 

Interview With Mark Hutchinson, President & CEO, GE Europe

Iniesta, Francisco

Although it started out in lighting and electricity, GE owes its staying power to its ability to constantly pivot, acquiring competitors and patents at just the right moment to stay on top of each new industrial and technological wave. Today GE finds itself on the cusp of a new industrial revolution: this time, it's digital. As Mark Hutchinson told IESE's Francisco Iniesta at an IESE Alumni Continuous Education session in Madrid, GE is now very much a digital company inside an industrial one.

Silvio Napoli: "Leave your ego at the door and trust in teamwork." 

Interview With Silvio Napoli, Chairman-Elect of Schindler

Ribera, Jaume

If you have ever used an elevator, escalator or moving walkway, the chances are you have used a Schindler product. Having spent decades developing the business, first in India and more recently in Southeast Asia and China, Silvio Napoli knows the opportunities well. But as he tells IESE's Jaume Ribera in this interview, knowledge of any market grows old fast, and you need to keep on your toes if you want to stay in the game.

Fabrizio Freda: "The magic happens when you work together." 

Interview With Fabrizio Freda, President & CEO, The Estée Lauder Companies

It takes courage for an outsider to join a prestigious family firm. However, for Fabrizio Freda, his decision to join The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) was simple. Always an admirer of the long-term view taken by family companies, Freda met and liked then CEO William P. Lauder and previous CEO Leonard A. Lauder, and they decided to start working together. Having earned a reputation as a turnaround man, Freda was brought in precisely because the Lauders wanted someone who could shake up the company after three generations of family rule, starting with the founder, Estée Lauder, who lent the business its name.

Alex Cruz: "Adapting to the ever-changing world is crucial." 

Interview With Alex Cruz, Chairman & CEO, British Airways

Nueno, José Luis

"I have a lot of friends in the City of London who think I'm crazy to work in the airline industry because of the low margins and the high costs, which are outside of management control. But that's precisely what makes it so fascinating." So says Alex Cruz, who sat down with IESE Prof. José Luis Nueno to discuss the success that has led to his appointment as Chairman and CEO of British Airways (BA).

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