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Strategy Lessons From Africa 

Research on Africa calls into question the usefulness of existing management theories

Ariño, Africa

Although China and India get more attention, the less-studied continent of Africa holds important managerial insights, as Michael J. Mol (Copenhagen Business School), Christian Stadler (Warwick Business School) and I discovered when we edited a special issue of the Global Strategy Journal. What can Africa teach managers about global strategic management?

Rethinking Your Resources 

What does resource-based theory have to say about the ongoing shareholder vs. stakeholder debate?

Barney, Jay B.

Should managers seek to maximize the wealth of their firm's owners, or should they seek to satisfy the legitimate interests of all their firm's stakeholders? Debates about this question have gone on for decades. Recently, I have begun to explore the implications of the resource-based theory of competitive advantage for this debate.

A Make or Break Year for the EU 

2017 is a defining moment for the EU. Will it step up? Or is this the beginning of the end?

Pou, Víctor

The world in general and the European Union in particular have reached a historical inflection point. The proliferation of "black swans" -- those phenomena we previously never thought possible but that now seem all too real -- is raising uncertainty to new heights. This makes implementing a business strategy extremely challenging. Although last year's double whammy of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump certainly did not help matters, those two events alone are not solely to blame for the uncertainty currently being felt across the Continent.

A Model for Success 

A business model is more than just a business plan. Avoid future headaches by reviewing the key elements of good business model design

Teece, David J.

Business model designs have received increasing attention in recent years. However, there are still too many entrepreneurs and managers who think that a business model is no more than a business plan. This can lead to a poor business model design that embeds future headaches deep in a company's strategy and brand.

The Dark Side of Startups 

In celebrating the successes of startups, let's make sure we don't ignore some harsh realities

Dávila, Antonio

Behind all the rosy proclamations about startups lies a less-talked-about reality: many fail after only a few years, and those that do survive often stay small or continue to struggle. The jobs they do create may, in effect, be offsetting the jobs being lost at other startups. Startups may not be the almighty "wealth creators" they are cracked up to be.

Four Ways China Is Changing 

The changes taking place in China today present golden opportunities for companies inside and outside the country's borders

Ding, Yuan

For anyone following the news these days, the word "China" may bring to mind an imploding steel industry, or maybe visions of big-ticket purchases by wealthy Chinese businessmen. But those two-dimensional portrayals fall short of conveying the complexity of the changes taking place in the country today. Here are four ways that China is changing, and what this means for you.

Check Your Biases 

Africa's energy debates can generate more heat than light. Follow this advice for a light-bulb moment.

Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad

When thinking about the business problems you are trying to address, don't approach them based on the way you live. You have to think about the way the end users live, what their actual needs are, and how many issues are interrelated. After all, it's their reality, not yours, that ultimately matters.

Out-of-Control Innovation 

You can't control innovation, but you can learn to maneuver it.

Van de Ven, Andrew

At the close of the latest Olympics, it is worth revisiting a lesson from a former gold medalist, Franz Klammer, who once attributed his success at the 1976 Winter Games to skiing "out of control." As managers, we may have to learn to let go and simply "go with the flow," as risky, messy and complex as that may be.

An Apple Car on the Horizon 

Apple developing a car illustrates the possibilities that emerge when different trends merge to shake up an established industry.

Sachon, Marc

Why would Apple enter an industry whose returns are dismal compared with Apple's and which is not even related to consumer electronics? Speculation as to Apple's reasoning reveals some keys for any company considering a similarly bold move into uncharted territory.

Right Tips When Things Go Wrong 

When you find yourself caught in a sandstorm, you need to draw upon different resources, both in yourself and in your teams.

Kauffman, Carol

To counteract negative impulses, I find it helps to activate positive emotional states. Positive emotion doesn't mean putting on a happy face. It means being grounded, centered or calm. You are fully engaged. More than anything, it means finding a sense of meaning and higher purpose in what you are doing.

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