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10 Trends for the Board of 2020 Premium

The Future of Governance

Nueno, Pedro

Date: Second Quarter 2016

Tags: board, committees, internationalization, diversity, women

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The onward march of globalization, internationalization, digitalization and regulation have made corporate governance an increasingly complex affair, demanding that boards live up to the expectations of today and tomorrow. Especially in key areas such as strategic oversight and risk supervision, the board's remit requires raised levels of competence as well as ethical and responsible behavior. Distilling years of experience on the boards of various companies across multiple industries around the world, the author identifies 10 major trends to watch, as boards of directors aspire to become the vital governance instrument for company management that they were intended to be.

Tools and Frameworks:
> "A Portrait of the 2020 Board" depicts how the board will need to change with the times.
> "A Rough Guide to Remuneration" explains how some unlisted companies remunerate directors and senior executives using a fund whose value is determined using a given formula.

Examples Cited:
Twitter, Enron, WorldCom, IBEX 35, Spanish companies internationalizing their operations, Improving the Gender Balance on British Boards, Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, Siemens, Tesco, tax shelters, Toshiba

Research Basis:
Based on the author's many years of participating on the boards of various companies across multiple industries and countries, and countless conversations with directors, advisers and owners of companies all over the world, which informs his new book, The 2020 Board.

About the Author:
Pedro Nueno is professor emeritus of Entrepreneurship at IESE and president of the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) where he holds the Chengwei Ventures Chair on Entrepreneurship.


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