Fabrizio Freda: "The magic happens when you work together." 

Interview With Fabrizio Freda, President & CEO, The Estée Lauder Companies

Date: Second Quarter 2016

Tags: The Estée Lauder Companies, ELC, family firm, William P. Lauder, Leonard A. Lauder

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It takes courage for an outsider to join a prestigious family firm. However, for Fabrizio Freda, his decision to join The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) was simple. Always an admirer of the long-term view taken by family companies, Freda met and liked then CEO William P. Lauder and previous CEO Leonard A. Lauder, and they decided to start working together. Having earned a reputation as a turnaround man, Freda was brought in precisely because the Lauders wanted someone who could shake up the company after three generations of family rule, starting with the founder, Estée Lauder, who lent the business its name.

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