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How Digitalization Is Changing the Way Executives Learn Premium

The Road to Omni-Learning

Authors: Auricchio, Giuseppe; Káganer, Evgeny

Date: Third Quarter 2015

Tags: HR, leadership development, digitalization, blended learning, omni-learning

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In the same way that technology is facilitating entirely new experiences -- from shopping to collaborative working -- there is a growing realization that digitalization can enable a radically different way of learning with respect to executive development. To leverage this opportunity, we must move beyond merely adding an online component to traditional face-to-face learning (blended learning). Instead, we must embrace a more integrative approach that seamlessly links the contexts where learning takes place -- be it a classroom, the workplace or a customer's premises -- to achieve a state the authors call omni-learning. This will disrupt many of the current systems in place, forcing a shift from instructional design to learning experience design. As such, professional development goes from being an aggregation of distinct activities to becoming a continuous journey guided by data-driven insights. For Chief Learning Officers, the effort will be considerable but infinitely more rewarding.

Tools and Frameworks:
> "Four Steps Toward Omni-Learning" suggests four steps to start thinking about how to design omni-learning journeys in your organization.

Examples Cited:
Minerva Project, Brainspace, Degreed, Cognotion, Everwise, Knewton

Research Basis:
Shares the thinking that is guiding the authors' experimentation at IESE to create new pedagogical models and approaches. They contrast these changes with research on current executive development experiences, including their own in-depth interviews with senior learning-and-development professionals from flagship global companies in North America and Europe.

About the Authors:

Giuseppe Auricchio is executive director of the Learning Innovation Unit at IESE.

Evgeny Káganer is an associate professor in the Department of Information Systems at IESE.


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