Stanley Motta: "Treat your partners as you would like to be treated yourself." 

Interview With Stanley Motta, Chairman, Copa Holdings; President, Motta International; Director, BG Financial Group

Vergara, Carles

Date: Second Quarter 2015

Tags: Copa Holdings, Motta International, BG Financial Group, ASSA Compañia de Seguros, Televisora Nacional

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The Motta family business empire has interests in airlines, corporate banking and financial services, real estate, imports, distribution and television, with a strong presence in the Latin American and Caribbean region. Like many family businesses before it, its success owes much to the hard work and good instincts of previous generations, as Stanley Motta explained to Carles Vergara during a recent visit to IESE's Barcelona campus to participate in a meeting of IESE's International Advisory Board.

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