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Airbnb has been one of the darlings of the sharing economy. How will mounting criticism from regulators and incumbents affect its expansion strategy?

American fashion brand Michael Kors is expanding fast on the back of its star product. Might it be time to do some strategic rethinking?

In moving from a fragmented, country-focused approach to a more centralized one, what actions should be taken to ensure that the transition is successful, without fueling anxiety among procurement managers?

Swarovski has built a global reputation as a luxury crystal jeweler. How can it streamline its supply chain without adding new complications or tarnishing its brand in the process?

The streaming music service has excited investors, musicians and the listening public. But with profits unseen, antagonistic artists and growing competition, how should Spotify change its tune?

Torres Winery believes its non-alcoholic white Natureo is exceptional, but how should it structure the value proposition? Highlight more benefits to break through "barriers to try," or go after receptive markets where this new product category is already seeing triple-digit growth?

Samsung Electronics decided it was time to stop following and start innovating. Easier said than done, as the European Product Innovation Team discovered when they tried to bring three new products to market.

Henkel's new sustainability strategy aims to achieve a 30 percent increase in efficiency by 2015 and to triple its efficiency by 2030. Can this be achieved without hurting operating profits?

Did Dior handle John Galliano's high-profile dismissal properly? What should managers do so as not to leave their businesses vulnerable to the caprices of their creative geniuses?

The takeover of OHL Brazil would turn Abertis into a global leader in the highway concessions sector. But how does such an operation fit within the company's entrepreneurial culture and long-term growth strategy?

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