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Facebook: How to Manage Data Responsibly?

Open forum (June - September 2018)

Cambridge Analytica, fake news, unauthorized data sharing: the crises are piling up for Facebook. Is it time for the social media giant to rethink its responsibilities for managing user data?

One reason Amazon has grown to dominate the U.S. retail market is by keeping a laser-sharp focus on customers. Yet will Amazon's customer-centric strategy prove successful -- or be its undoing -- in the long run?

Susan Wojcicki has built a career taking risks -- from joining Google after it had been a startup in her garage, to persuading the tech giant to acquire YouTube. Now, as she considers which way YouTube should go next, will she be able to repeat her success in a fast-moving, volatile environment?

A startup needs a lot more capital if it hopes to pick up the pace of growth. The founders could go back to their business angels, seek VC funds or try something new: a crowd equity platform. Is the time right for financing through the crowd?

An annual tournament hosted by the Spanish soccer club Espanyol has been operating at a loss. Should Espanyol call time on the event? Or was the prestige built up over decades enough reason to keep the ball in play?

Optimized production and unprecedented personalization: the promise of 3-D printing is tempting for an exclusive eyewear manufacturer like Etnia Barcelona. But with the technology's full potential still years away, is now the time to abandon current production plans and bet on the future?

The business model for recording studios like Abbey Road is not what it used to be. In the face of so many uncertainties, what should the studio decide to do when a new band comes up with an unorthodox business proposition?

The multinational food company Almuri was considering migrating to the cloud to cut costs and gain flexibility. Was Hewlett-Packard's hybrid cloud model the best choice? What adjustments would be required operationally, and how should they be coordinated with HP?

Recruit Group has grown by releasing young talent to get on with the job. But as the business grows more complex, is it time to adjust the management model? Or is it a case of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"?

Within three years of launching as an online photo-sharing platform, Olapic changed its business model not once but twice. Is this the best way to pursue growth, financing and future profitability?

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