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INSIGHT is the knowledge portal of IESE, one of the world's leading international graduate business schools. IESE INSIGHT is designed to spread novel and cutting-edge research - on 14 topics ranging from finance and operations, to entrepreneurship and people management - not only to academics looking for the latest research, but also to practicing senior managers responsible for the strategy and direction of their business, usually with global responsibilities, who are looking for tools and frameworks that equip them for action in the real world.

IESE INSIGHT offers a wide range of research documents, technical notes, case studies, surveys and books generated by IESE faculty members and research staff in an easy-to-read, accessible format, available in both English and Spanish versions. Some materials can be downloaded directly from the website or purchased through IESE PUBLISHING and/or its Bookstore. All content is complemented by podcasts, e-bulletins, updates, related links, economic indices and a fully searchable database of archived material. In addition, IESE INSIGHT, the management magazine available via the main portal, is packed with articles and ideas with impact.

With IESE INSIGHT, readers should feel better equipped to handle future challenges and make decisions to improve themselves, the people they work with and the world in which they operate.

With guidance from IESE experts, content is selected and edited by experienced professionals. The people behind IESE Insight are:

Director of the Research Division
Víctor Martínez de Albéniz

Christine Ecker

Content Director
Gemma Golobardes

Marta Comín, Jordi Navarrete, Cintra Scott, Philip Seager

Assistant Editors
Emily McBride

Cristina Aced, Nacho Benavides, James Brown, Nicholas Corbishley, Cristina Freeman, Suzanne Hogseth, Javier Moncayo, Gillian More, David Oliver, Peter Orr, Marta Peret, Lydia Smears, Larisa Tatge, Gemma Tonijuan, Daniel Woolls, Natasha Young

Technical director
Eduardo Díaz del Río

Technical Support
Rubén Carro, Yolanda Segovia
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