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Innovation and Change

Innovate or Perish: The Role of Multinationals in Local R&D

Berrone, Pascual; Blázquez, María Luisa

Innovation is at the heart of competitiveness. With multinational corporations wielding significant R&D investment power, countries should aim to attract them to invest locally. A study from Spain tallies its strengths and weaknesses in this area and sets out measures for boosting the innovation ecosystem.


The Myths and Realities of Doing Business in China

Nueno, Pedro

With China's rapid rise to join the global superpowers, the country has aroused all sorts of suspicions. Pedro Nueno works to dispel old myths in his 2017 book, at the same time explaining why China may be the only country fit to challenge U.S. hegemony. Nueno also shares tips for negotiating and investing in the Asian giant.


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Accounting and Control

Perverse Incentives: The Limits of Metric-Based Evaluation

Cugueró, Natàlia; Rosanas, Josep M.

As a manager, how should you evaluate performance? The recent trend is toward ever-more-sophisticated formal models. However, in the wake of several scandals, IESE's Natàlia Cugueró-Escofet and Josep M. Rosanas point to the dangers of modelling and rigid metrics. Instead, they argue, companies desperately need to rediscover informal methods of control.


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Leadership and People Management

7 Keys for Personnel Management When Going Global

García-Lombardía, Pilar; Gómez, Sandalio

Service and Operations Management

The Four-leaf Clover: Four Pillars for Public Sector Efficiency

Pin Arboledas, José Ramón


Globesity: Connecting Globalization and Obesity

Costa-Font, Joan; Mas, Núria

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Getting Smart in Yinchuan

Joan Enric Ricart and Ana Isabel Duch

IESE’s Cities in Motion team blogs from China. Reflecting on the TM Forum Smart City conference in Yinchuan -- a pilot smart city in the Chinese heartland -- the team reports on the event (which gathered 1,000 delegates from 60 countries) and its diverse host.


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Knowledge and Communication

And the Awards Go to…


Ideas to foment change: Profs. John Almandoz, Xavier Vives and Eric Weber have received Research Excellence Awards from the IESE Alumni Association in recognition of their influential ideas on corporate boards, banking and management control systems.


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