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Marketing Marketing

Strategies to Reach the Changing Consumer

Tech is changing how we do business. Break out of your bubble and learn to manage better in a digital age. In this latest issue of IESE Insight magazine, you’ll also find an interview with SEAT chairman Luca de Meo, a study of CEOs’ agendas and a hard look at the EU’s future.

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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Las Heras, Mireia; Grau, M.
Is Spain doing enough to unleash the economic power and potential of women in management? Contributing a chapter to the 2017 edition of Women in Management Worldwide, IESE's Mireia Las Heras and Marc Grau say "no." They examine the current managerial landscape in order to identify strategies to promote female leadership for the good of society in general.
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Martin, Geoffrey; Gómez-Mejía, Luis R.; Berrone, Pascual; Makri, Marianna
Family firms tend to get a bad rap from non-family shareholders. Many pro-family decisions are thought to run against minority shareholders' interests, creating contentious boards. But research co-authored by IESE's Pascual Berrone paints a different picture, one in which "family-first" often means pursuing long-term goals that benefit all.
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Leadership and People Management
You Are How You Spend Your Time
Alvarez de Mon, Santiago
Knowledge and Communication
What's Up With Spain's Digital Media?
de Toro, Juan Manuel; Soldado, Pilar; San Pedro, Marta; Breiner, James; Arrese, Ángel; Vara-Miguel, Alfonso; Sádaba Chalezquer, Charo; Fernández del Moral, Javier; Bel, Ignacio
Leadership and People Management
The Inside Scoop on Reducing the Gender Gap
Quintana-García, Cristina; Elvira, Marta
Case Forum
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