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Transformation Through Design Thinking

Is your business in need of transformation? If so, the latest issue of IESE Insight is packed full of ideas to transform yourself and your business, with a cover dossier on Design Thinking, a vital tool for growth and innovation. Plus: 5 steps to become a purpose-driven company; 6 principles for harnessing the power of the crowd; an interview with DBS CEO Piyush Gupta; an analysis of Amazon's business model; and advice for keeping cool under pressure from a bomb disposal expert.
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Azar, José; Schmalz, Martin; Tecu, Isabel
"Common ownership" is a buzzword in academic and regulatory circles these days. José Azar's paper linking common ownership to higher airline ticket prices and other negative consequences is at the center of a new debate that could profoundly affect the investment fund industry as we know it.
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Duro, Miguel; Ormazábal, Gaizka
The financial crisis of 2007-2008 prompted many reforms, but their effectiveness is still under debate. Miguel Duro and Gaizka Ormazábal review the evidence to discover whether -- and how -- corporate governance reforms are working out in the financial sector.
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Leadership and People Management
7 in 10 Spaniards Believe Their Company Makes it Hard to Reconcile Work and Family
Las Heras, Mireia; Jimenez, Esther; Grau, Marc; Palet, Gemma; Riera, Gemma
Innovation and Change
Why Your Company Should Look Within When Acquiring New Knowledge
Moreira, Solon; Markus, Arjan; Laursen, Keld
Leadership and People Management
8 Keys to a Better Employee Experience
Apascaritei, Paula; Elvira, Marta
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