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Accounting and Control

Perverse Incentives: The Limits of Metric-Based Evaluation

Cugueró-Escofet, Natàlia; Rosanas, Josep Maria

As a manager, how should you evaluate performance? The recent trend is toward ever-more-sophisticated formal models. However, in the wake of several scandals, IESE's Natàlia Cugueró-Escofet and Josep M. Rosanas point to the dangers of modelling and rigid metrics. Instead, they argue, companies desperately need to rediscover informal methods of control.

Leadership and People Management

7 Keys for Personnel Management When Going Global

García-Lombardía, Pilar; Gómez, Sandalio

When a company enters international markets, human resources management often lags behind. A study of Spain's leading multinationals, by Sandalio Gómez and Pilar García-Lombardía, identifies seven important changes that could transform everything from how talent is managed to how corporate reputations are protected when going global.


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Service and Operations Management

The Four-leaf Clover: Four Pillars for Public Sector Efficiency

Pin, José Ramón

To what extent should the public sector follow a private sector management model? Could improving public administration increase the wellbeing of the general population? IESE's José Ramón Pin responds to these questions in a book proposing a model based on four pillars for improving public sector efficiency.


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Boosting Sustainable Growth via the World's Cities

Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric; Duch T-Figueras, Ana Isabel


Globesity: Connecting Globalization and Obesity

Costa-Font, Joan; Mas, Núria


How We Mispredict Preferences

Barasz, Kate; Kim, Tami; John, Leslie K.

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Information Technologies

A Prize for Future Research


Digital transformation, human-machine symbiosis, organizational ambidexterity… and that’s just the beginning. For excellence in IT research, IESE’s Prof. Robert W. Gregory was honored with the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Early Career Award in Dublin.


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Innovation and Change

Taking Stock of Clean Energy


Switching to clean energy may be difficult, but the move is inevitable, according to many experts at the 14th Energy Industry Meeting at IESE Madrid. From natural gas to electric cars, look for opportunities amid the challenges.


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