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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management

Winning Strategies for Team Negotiations

Mehta, Kandarp; Stein, Guido

Negotiating as a team has definite advantages over going solo, but it also presents major challenges along the way. Preparation is key. Certain strategies can help you meet team challenges and negotiate better.

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Service and Operations Management Service and Operations Management
Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor; Calvo, Eduard
Received wisdom tells operations managers that supply chains should be flexible and responsive above all. But does this make dual sourcing better than forging a single sourcing relationship? IESE's Víctor Martínez de Albéniz and Eduard Calvo look to connect pricing, profits and flexibility.
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Capizzani, Mario; Valdés, Pau
Web 2.0 has changed how we look for, compare and acquire products and services. Building on this change in behavior, a new form of marketing works to attract customers organically instead of trying to "push" people into purchases. IESE's Mario Capizzani breaks it down.
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