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Knowledge and Communication

Boosting Competitiveness by Managing Knowledge Well

Andreu, Rafael; Baiget, Joan

You are what you know, and in business, leveraging knowledge effectively can make or break a company's competitiveness. Rafael Andreu and Joan Baiget reflect on how to develop an organizational culture that pays attention to knowledge management, a practice to boost competitive advantages and sustainability.


From Cars to Pharma: German Investments in Spain

Cámara de Comercio Alemana para España (AHK); ICC - International Center for Competitiveness

Germany has more subsidiaries in Spain than in any other country and is also the fourth largest investor there. But, as a new study by IESE's International Center for Competitiveness shows, most investment is clustered in key sectors and regions.


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Innovation and Change

Tips for Conquering Your Fear of Change

Foncillas, Pablo

Have you ever been transferred involuntarily or given a promotion you weren't sure you could handle? Have you been laid off and need to find a new job? Career shifts can be scary, even paralyzing, but in a new book, IESE's Pablo Foncillas offers tips to overcome our fears and let our careers take off.


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The New Energy Order: What to Watch Next

Gifra, Júlia; López Cardenete, Juan Luis


The Proper Use of Power at Work

Gallo, Miguel Ángel


5 Steps to a Successful New Product

de Toro, Juan Manuel

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Knowledge and Communication

The Magic Touch

Mariano Torrente

At TEDxIESE in Barcelona, magician – and IESE MBA candidate, class of 2016 – Mariano Torrente works to renew our sense of wonder. Remember to be inspired, even by the little things in life, he insists in this 13-minute video.


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The Long Haul

IESE Insight

Staying honest and cultivating a long-term view are essential to building a strong company and avoiding scandals. Here, five IESE professors discuss strategies for CEOs – from changing financial reporting models to boosting stakeholder engagement.


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