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Leadership and People Management

Avoid Common Mistakes in Managing People

Stein, Guido; Rábago, Eduardo

All decisions surrounding personnel are important. Yet managers often make these decisions -- from hiring employees to salary arrangements -- without a proper game plan. In this book, Guido Stein and Eduardo Rábago offer a practical guide to what's what in people management.


100 Family Enterprises That Changed the World

Tàpies, Josep; San Román, Elena; Gil, Águeda

Are family businesses conservative? What have companies like Michelin, Haniel and Cargill contributed to industrialization? And what strategies have allowed them to be successful right up to the present day? Josep Tàpies of IESE tells the stories of 100 family enterprises that hold inspiring lessons for today.


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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

How to Stay True to Social Goals

Ramus, Tommaso; Vaccaro, Antonino

Social enterprises seek to tackle complex social problems, such as poverty or discrimination, with self-sustaining business models. But over time, some lose sight of their loftier goals under economic pressure. Tommaso Ramus, formerly of IESE's Center for Business in Society, and Prof. Antonino Vaccaro identify successful techniques to address mission drift.


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Competitiveness = Reforms + Education + Collaboration

Schwab, Klaus; Sala i Martin, Xavier; World Economic Forum

Leadership and People Management

The Carrot, the Stick and Chinese Philosophy in 21st Century Leadership

Olivares, Ignacio; Kase, Kimio; Stein, Guido; Pin, José Ramón; Carretero, Luis Eugenio

Innovation and Change

eHealth: How Technology Is Transforming Health Care

Rosenmöller, Magda; Whitehouse, Diane; Wilson, Petra

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Taking IESE Research to the Big Apple

IESE New York

IESE experts in global and digital leadership talk about some of the major issues facing business leaders today. Speaking from IESE’s New York center, faculty members discuss the impact of globalization, new business models, multiculturalism and the digital revolution.


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Information Technologies

Can BYOD Help to Add Value?

Javier Zamora

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is about using readily available technology -- such as smartphones and free apps -- inside an organization, explains IESE’s Javier Zamora. The question is: Now that every company has access to technology, how can BYOD help lower costs and add value?


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