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New Marketing for a New Era

Nueno, José Luis

The 21st century is marked as the era of scarcity. Companies must change their marketing strategies to adapt to the times. José Luis Nueno argues in his new book that marketing's mission is no longer to showcase a product or service in order to sell it, but rather to support sustainable consumption based on realistic expectations in a society of scarcity.

Innovation and Change

Look Outside Your Firm: A Tool to Sense What's ComingPremium

Dávila, Antonio; Oyon, Daniel; Parmigiani, Pilar; Schnegg, Maël

Management systems need to sense the external environment as effectively as tools like the Balanced Scorecard analyze internal performance. The authors outline the need for the Landscape Monitor, a framework to help managers see farther and earlier what's coming, so they can be innovation leaders.


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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR: Consistency Leads to Credibility

Pin, José Ramón

Financial help for the needy is a popular corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. Yet for companies paying out very low wages themselves, this kind of social activism lacks credibility. Donating working hours to volunteer activities is another way to go. In the end, integrating CSR with overall corporate strategy offers a company both credibility and a competitive advantage.


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Is a Matrix Organization Right for You?

Lavezzolo, Sebastián E.; Rodríguez Lluesma, Carlos

Leadership and People Management

Kinship Rules: Understanding HR in Latin America

Dávila, Anabella; Elvira, Marta

Leadership and People Management

Stanley Motta: Treat Others as You'd Like to Be Treated Yourself

Motta, Stanley; Vergara, Carles

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The Citizenship Premium

Branko Milanovic, IESE

Which has more impact on inequality: where you live or what you do? The answer has switched from one to another, and it seems to be switching back again. Global inequality expert Branko Milanovic spoke to IESE about one of the 21st century’s most pressing problems.


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Information Technologies

The Internet of Things

IESE Insight

What will this new wave of the digital revolution bring? At IESE’s 21st ICT & Digital Media Industry Meeting, experts and practitioners discussed the many implications of connecting objects online.


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