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Decision Analysis

Making Decisions: More Than You Think

To celebrate UNESCO’s World Book Day, April 23, enjoy free access to this issue of IESE Insight magazine, featuring managerial tips on decision-making plus how reading a book can make you a better leader. (To access this magazine April 23-25, click here to log in or to register as a new user. On the registration page, please select “General Subscriber” and fill out the New User data form. Then you can download the whole magazine.)

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Social Capital Benefits of Ethical Leadership

Pastoriza, David; Ariño, Miguel Angel

In a recent U.K. survey, more than half of managers admitted to feeling pressured to behave unethically during their career. In their own survey of Spanish, French and Portuguese workers, IESE's Miguel A. Ariño and David Pastoriza of HEC Montreal find that when managers behave ethically, employees generally respond with trust, identification with the firm's aims and a culture of sharing.


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Leadership and People Management

Managerial Competencies Across Borders

Bosch, Mª José; Lee, Yih-teen; Cardona, Pablo

What makes a competent leader is generally stable across countries. That said, there are notable differences in how Asian and non-Asian countries emphasize the building of trust and other managerial competencies. These are the findings of an article by IESE's Yih-teen Lee and co-authors in which they test a three-dimensional model of managerial competencies in 15 countries.


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Which Are the World's "Smartest" Cities?

Ricart, Joan Enric; Berrone, Pascual; Carrasco, Carlos; Ricart, Roger

Leadership and People Management

The Impact of Culture on Trust in the Workplace

Reiche, Sebastian; Cardona, Pablo; Lee, Yih-teen; Canela, Miguel Ángel

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

10 Tips for Women to Prepare for Retirement

Chinchilla, Nuria; Jiménez, Esther; Grau, Marc

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Knowledge and Communication

Aereo Gets Supreme Focus

Steve Capus

IESE's Steve Capus looks to the April 22 high-stakes hearing in the U.S. Supreme Court of Aereo and its implications for broadcast media. “The United States Supreme Court is about to wade into a swampy mess,” he writes in this blog post.


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More on Cities in Motion

IESE Cities in Motion

The Guardian’s Sustainable Business Blog features IESE’s Cities in Motion index results. “London tops new index measuring sustainability and quality of life in cities, but it's falling behind on social cohesion,” the blog post notes.


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