Ferrovial: A New Brand Identity for a New Business Model

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Since its inception, Ferrovial's success had been built on meeting the needs of its customers along four axes: entrepreneurship, excellence, industrial quality and management capacity. Having increased revenues from roughly 3 billion to 12 billion euros in only ten years, and following numerous acquisitions, it applied a multi-brand strategy that respected the identity of those acquisitions. Since 2007 it has been implementing a gradual integration process built around the concept of intelligent infrastructure. On June 6, 2006, Ferrovial acquired British Airports Authority (BAA), the world's largest airport operator, at a cost of 14.6 billion euros. The transaction was a milestone in the group's history, both due to the size of the asset acquired and because of the resulting impact on its image. Within barely two months of the acquisition of BAA, a number of events multiplied Ferrovial's presence in the international media, which repeatedly referred to Ferrovial as a "Spanish debt-driven builder."
Bibliographic citation: García-Mansilla, Gustavo; de Toro, Juan Manuel, "Ferrovial: A New Brand Identity for a New Business Model", IESE, M-1258-E, 04/2012
Date: 13/04/2012
Author(s): García-Mansilla, Gustavo; de Toro, Juan Manuel
Document type: Case
Department: Marketing
Sector: Services
Languages: Spanish / English
Geographic area: Spain