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4 Leadership Profiles for Your Multinational

Reiche, B. Sebastian; Bird, Allan; Mendenhall, Mark E.; Osland, Joyce S. In multinational firms, global virtual teams have become the norm. Here is a breakdown of the kinds of leaders needed for four main global leadership roles, based on the research of IESE's Sebastian Reiche.
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Raghubir, Priya; Capizzani, Mario; Srivastava, Joydeep
Knowing the value of money is one thing. Spending it according to that value is another. Research by IESE's Mario Capizzani and co-authors confirms that we tend to hold biases about different forms of cash and that our memory also affects how much we spend.
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Zamora, Javier
The growth of digital connections and data generates myriad interactions between organizations, people and things. This article presents a framework to help executives pinpoint the programmable elements of their value proposition.
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Rx for Profits: Anticipating Shifts in Sales Strategies
Kappe, Eelco; Venkataraman, Sriram; Stremersch, Stefan
Decision Analysis
Keys to Optimize Stakeholder Investments
García-Castro, Roberto; Francoeur, Claude
Public-Private Partnerships for Smart Cities: Sharing Good Practices
Salvador, Jordi; Trillas, Fancesc; Ricart, Joan Enric; Rodríguez Planas, Miquel; Ferradans, Hugo; Fageda, Xavier
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