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Modern Portfolio Theory: Essential Concepts and Messages 

Date: 22/03/2018 Author(s): Estrada, Javier Document type: Technical Note This note briefly summarizes the basic intuition and most important implications of Modern Portfolio Theory. It focuses on the equilibrium at the heart of the theory and discusses how this equilibrium is obtained, why it is important, and its essential implications. It also discusses the impact this equilibrium has had on financial practice. The discussion ... More information  

Whistleblowing Systems and Policies 

Date: 22/03/2018 Author(s): Potito, Gianmichele; Aznar, Enrique; Vaccaro, Antonino Editor(s): CBS - Center for Business in Society Document type: Technical Note This technical note provides some basic information about the functioning of intra- and interfirm whistleblowing systems. This work adopts a managerial perspective and not a legal one, so it does not enter into the legislative details of each country because of their complexity and their continuous evolution. More information  

Leading Means Educating Intelligence and Character 

Date: 14/02/2018 Author(s): Stein, Guido; Vázquez- Dodero, Juan Carlos; Rodríguez-Lluesma, Carlos Document type: Technical Note One characteristic of our era is the lack of reflection and rigor in thinking. Not many people think, and even fewer reason properly, that is, think well in order to act well. To do this, one must first have the breadth of vision to consider all aspects relevant to the matter and to give each one the correct priority. Secondly, one must have depth, ... More information  

Agile Project Management 

Date: 29/01/2018 Author(s): Ribera, Jaume Document type: Technical Note The note describes the basics of Agile Project Management as it is applied in areas beyond software development. After describing when agile management is useful (in contrast to traditional waterfall project management), the note presents the requirements for an agile project team, common practices in the implementation of agile and a generalization ... More information  

Project Definition: Using the Logical Framework Approach 

Date: 22/01/2018 Author(s): Ribera, Jaume Document type: Technical Note The document presents the basics of the Logical Framework Approach (LFA), a methodology to ensure that the most critical parts of a project are well defined before the project is planned or launched. It describes the four main blocks of the LFA and provides a checklist to ensure that the project is well defined before proceeding. More information  

Gestionar la movilidad internacional 

Date: 21/12/2017 Author(s): Stein, Guido; Anta Callersten, Carlos; Martín, Miguel Document type: Technical Note Esta nota técnica explora los factores que rodean una expatriación, tanto desde el punto de vista de la empresa como del expatriado, y aporta elementos para la toma de decisiones y su ejecución, en la que destaca el proceso de negociación. Las fuentes utilizadas para su elaboración han sido la revisión de la bibliografía y la realización de entrevistas ... More information  

Ask the Right Questions and Build Rapport during Due Diligence 

Date: 27/11/2017 Author(s): Krylova, Elena; Liechtenstein, Heinrich Document type: Technical Note This technical note is written to give students competing in the VCIC a guideline on how to approach due diligence sessions with entrepreneurs. The technical note focuses on hands-on experience from professional venture capitalists concerning important questions to be answered and deal breakers one should be aware of. More information  

Choosing the Right Company to Invest In 

Date: 23/11/2017 Author(s): Frodsham, David; Linz, Florian; Liechtenstein, Heinrich Document type: Technical Note This technical note is written to give students competing in the VCIC a guideline on how to approach start-up analysis for investment purposes. The technical note focuses on real-life insights and examples to better prepare students for the VCIC where they will have to think and analyze quickly. More information  

Antoni's Gaudí's Creativity 

Date: 11/10/2017 Author(s): Massague, Mireia; Rosich, Marc; Nueno, José Luis Document type: Technical Note Innovation, creativity, technology ... in service of people. These are the bases of both Antoni Gaudí's citizen science and his architectural oeuvre. Beyond the label of architect, Gaudí left a legacy still applicable today in many disciplines, from ergonomic design to business management. He was a pioneer, ahead of his time, innovative in work processes, ... More information  

Strategic Leadership: A Roadmap for the General Manager's Journey 

Date: 13/09/2017 Author(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio; Argüelles, José Miguel Document type: Technical Note Strategic leadership is the core responsibility of general managers. By strategic leadership, the authors refer to the responsibility of identifying the key challenges for the company, outlining a coherent set of actions to respond to these, and guiding the organization in implementing those actions. This technical note provides a framework to organize ... More information  
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