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The Politics of Cultural Capital: Social Hierarchy and Organizational Architecture in the Multinational Corporation 

Date: 01/06/2018 Author(s): Levy, Orly; Reiche, Sebastian Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) How is social hierarchy in multinational corporations (MNCs) culturally produced, contested and reproduced? Although the international business literature has acknowledged the importance of culture, it gives little consideration to its role in constructing social hierarchies and symbolic boundaries between individuals and groups within MNCs. We take ... More information  

Relational mobility predicts social behaviors in 39 countries and is tied to historical farming and threat 

Date: 31/05/2018 Author(s): Thomson, R.; Yuki, M.; Talhelm, T.; Schug, J.; Kito, M.; Becker, J.; San Martín, Álvaro; Visserman, M. L. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Biologists and social scientists have long tried to understand why some societies have more fluid and open interpersonal relationships, and how those differences influence culture. This study measures relational mobility, a socioecological variable quantifying voluntary (high relational mobility) versus fixed (low relational mobility) interpersonal ... More information  

Reflexiones críticas sobre nuevas tendencias en contabilidad de gestión 

Date: 31/05/2018 Author(s): Rosanas, Josep Maria Editor(s): Cátedra Crèdit Andorrà de Mercados, Organizaciones y Humanismo Document type: Occasional Paper El documento intenta hacer un resumen crítico de lo que ha ocurrido en el último medio siglo en materia de contabilidad de gestión y sistemas de control, poniendo de manifiesto los principales avances y retrocesos. More information  

Knowledge Diversity and Coordination: The Effect of Intrafirm Inventor Task Networks on Absorption Speed 

Date: 18/05/2018 Author(s): Moreira, Solon; Markus, Arjan; Laursen, Keld Editor(s): EIC - Centro de Iniciativa Emprendedora e Innovación Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) We combine the absorptive capacity and social network theory approaches to predict how intrafirm "whole" network characteristics affect the firm's rate of absorption of external knowledge to produce inventions. We start from the widely accepted view that distant, externally-developed knowledge is difficult to absorb into the focal firm's own knowledge ... More information   Read related article

The Term Structure of Interest Rates with Housing 

Date: 17/05/2018 Author(s): Vergara, Carles Editor(s): PPSRC - Public-Private Sector Research Center Document type: Working Paper This paper develops a general equilibrium model to study the link between the amount of capital invested in housing assets and the term structure of interest rates. In the model, the production of housing assets is irreversible and housing assets can be used as collateral for borrowing funds. Agents' decisions about consumption and investments in ... More information  

I Know Why You Voted for Trump: (Over)inferring Motives Based on Choice 

Date: 10/05/2018 Author(s): Barasz, Kate; Kim, Tami; Evangelidis, Ioannis Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) People often speculate about why others make the choices they do. This paper investigates how such inferences are formed as a function of what is chosen. Specifically, when observers encounter someone else's choice (e.g., of political candidate), they use the chosen option's attribute values (e.g., a candidate's specific stance on a policy issue) to ... More information  

Digital Innovation and Institutional Entrepreneurship: Chief Digital Officer Perspectives of Their Emerging Role 

Date: 03/05/2018 Author(s): Tumbas, Sanja; Berente, Nicholas; vom Brocke, Jan Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) In this study, we explore the role of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) through the perspectives of CDOs in thirty-five organizations. In enacting their emerging role, CDOs must navigate the existing institutionalized context of established information technology (IT) roles and respective jurisdictional claims. We find that CDOs intentionally draw on the ... More information   Read related article

Interbank Networks and Backdoor Bailouts: Benefiting from other Banks' Government Guarantees 

Date: 02/05/2018 Author(s): Eisert, Tim; Eufinger, Christian Sponsor(s): CIF - Center for International Finance Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This paper explains why banks derive a benefit from being highly interconnected. We show that when banks are protected by government guarantees, they can significantly increase their expected returns by channeling funds through the interbank market before these funds are invested in real assets. If banks that are protected by implicit or explicit government ... More information  

Replacing the Failure Rate: A Downside Risk Perspective 

Date: 05/2018 Author(s): Estrada, Javier Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The evaluation of retirement strategies is typically based on the failure rate, although some alternatives have been proposed recently, such as risk-adjusted success (RAS), which aims to capture not just the failure but also the success of the strategies evaluated. The main shortcoming of RAS is that it measures risk with the standard deviation, which ... More information  

Knowledge Management 

Date: 30/04/2018 Author(s): Huang, Peng; Kankanhalli, Atreyi; Kyriakou, Harris; Sabherwal, Rajiv Editor(s): Bush, Ashley; Rai, Arun Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) The notions of knowledge and its management have been at the core of the information systems (IS) field almost since its inception. Knowledge has been viewed in several ways in the prior literature, including as a state of mind, an object, a process, access to information, and a capability. A commonly-used definition characterizes knowledge as a justified ... More information  
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