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How Learning Goal Orientation Fosters Leadership Recognition in Self-Managed Teams: A Two-Stage Mediation Model 

Date: 10/2017 Author(s): Lee, Yih-Teen; Paunova, Minna Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) Defined as a mental framework for how individuals interpret and respond to achievement situations, learning goal orientation (LGO) has received increasing attention in organisational research. However, its effect on leadership, especially in contexts absent of formal leadership, remains understudied. Drawing on social exchange theory, we propose and ... More information  

'Homo sordens' 

Date: 19/09/2017 Author(s): Foncillas, Pablo Document type: Opinion Están por todas partes y tienen una discapacidad profunda. Es una carencia auditiva intensa. En ocasiones la desarrollan poco a poco. Con el paso de los años, y los ascensos, se ve que el tímpano se resiente y no es capaz de transmitir nada... ¿para qué, si ya están satisfechos de sus propias ideas? Otras veces la sordera está relacionada con los ceros, ... More information  

Involving People in the Process 

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): Sánchez-Runde, Carlos Document type: Opinion Although Elton Mayo's academic credentials have been questioned, few can deny that his work lent a new perspective to the dominant views of the day and had a lasting impact on the field of HR. Much has changed since Mayo's time, but keeping up with the latest thinking is no reason to forget past truths. More information  

5 Ways Managers Can Enhance Their Mediating Skills  Premium

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): Mehta, Kandarp; Ripol, Ignacio Document type: Non-refereed article Negotiating is a skill that every manager needs to master, not only because it can help to solve problems and create value, but because thwarted negotiations undermine value, sap morale, waste resources and even escalate into greater conflict. But there is more to negotiation than just wearing down the other side. The use of mediation in corporate ... More information   Read related article

Steve Shiffman: "The landscape is changing daily. We have to be agile and open-minded about how we do business." 

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Interviewee(s): Shiffman, Steve; Interviewer(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio Document type: Interview Calvin Klein has always been a youthful, culturally relevant brand. And since becoming CEO in 2014, Steve Shiffman has been working hard to make sure it stays that way, unifying multiple strategies under a singular vision. In this interview with IESE's Fabrizio Ferraro, he explains his decision to hire Belgian designer Raf Simons, the future of retail, ... More information  

Whole Person Leadership 

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): Noda, Tomoyoshi Document type: Opinion What should leadership look like, when the very concept of leadership is so frequently misunderstood? One school of thought says leadership is the ability to effect transformation and innovation under conditions of extreme uncertainty, where success is not guaranteed and the solution only appears obvious after the fact. This, I believe, gets closer ... More information  

Leading Virtual Teams 

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): Elvira, Marta Document type: Opinion With ever-growing globalization and a wider range of flexible work options, the challenge of managing geographically dispersed, virtual teams to ensure performance is more urgent than ever. In ongoing research with Isabel Villamor at IESE, we have detected five aspects that global professionals should prioritize. More information  

Better Together 

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): Argandoña, Antonio Document type: Opinion "I'm the private sector; you're the public. What can we accomplish together that not only plays to our respective strengths and creates new opportunities for both of us, but that ultimately serves the public -- the clients and customers we exist to serve?" The answers are contained in this magazine. More information  

IESE Insight. Issue 34. Third Quarter 2017  Premium

Date: 18/09/2017 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Review The opportunities for value creation double with public-private partnerships (PPPs). Pascual Berrone, Joan E. Ricart, Hugo Ferradans, Miquel Rodriguez and Jordi Salvador outline what businesses bring to PPPs in cities, and they highlight seven forces for success. Steven Tadelis analyzes the award process when public buyers and private suppliers negotiate ... More information  

Steve Shiffman: Key Qualities of Successful Global Leadership 

Date: 15/09/2017 Author(s): Interviewee(s): Shiffman, Steve; Interviewer(s): Ferraro, Fabrizio; Sponsor(s): IESE Insight Document type: Interview (Video) We need diverse, open-minded people, says Calvin Klein CEO Steve Shiffman. "One of the things that makes any company great is a willingness to always learn and evolve." Those who only protect the legacy will struggle, whereas those who are willing to listen and learn will be most successful. "The day I stop learning is the day I should leave the job." ... More information  
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