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Only When Others Are Watching: The Contingent Efforts of High Status Group Members 

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): Lount, R.; Doyle, S.; Brion, Sebastien; Pettit, N. C. Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) This research examines how an individual's place in the status hierarchy affects their willingness to expend effort on group tasks, why this occurs, and a contingency governing this relationship. Among firefighter teams in the field (Study 1), MBA student workgroups (Study 2), and undergraduates in the laboratory (Study 3), we find that the relationship ... More information  

Beware of Your Mental Traps 

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): Miller, Paddy Document type: Opinion Whenever I present this riddle, it divides the class. At first, I thought this was because people were unwilling to change their stance once they had committed themselves to a position. But I've come to realize there's much more to it than that. This is where the work of the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and the late Amos Tversky come in. More information  

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb  Premium

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Collaborator(s): McBride, Emily Document type: Non-refereed article After a military career in Explosive Ordnance Disposal with the U.S. Navy, Ryan Fritsch is pursuing an MBA at IESE, where he finds his previous experiences provide useful insights into international business dynamics. More information  

Unleashing the Power of Purpose  Premium

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): Almandoz, John; Lee, Yih-Teen; Ribera, Alberto Document type: Non-refereed article What's the main purpose of your business? If it's just to make money, you may find yourself coming up short, as that is generally not what inspires workers or generates lasting impact. Your business should be oriented toward some other-centered goal, in addition to making money, which will not only guide but inspire the behaviors and motivations of ... More information   Read related article

Supporting Female Leaders 

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): Chinchilla, Nuria Document type: Opinion Women pursue higher education in larger numbers than men, yet their training does not seem to translate into high-level leadership roles in politics, business or society. This is a general finding of our first IESE Women in Leadership (I-WIL) Index, which analyzed and tracked the progress of female leadership and equal opportunities for women in 34 ... More information  

Designing Change 

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): Argandoña, Antonio Document type: Opinion A few years ago an executive told me his business needed transformation. If he told me this today, I would advise him to read our dossier on design thinking, an excellent way to transform yourself and your business. More information  

IESE Insight. Issue 37. Second Quarter 2018  Premium

Date: 18/06/2018 Author(s): IESE Insight Document type: Review Design thinking is a vital tool for growth and innovation. This dossier shows you how to use it successfully. Joaquim Vilà and Xavier Camps share a practical method for discovering the latent needs of users so that companies can generate new opportunities. Manuel E. Sosa discusses how companies can build a design culture that is profitable and solves ... More information  


Date: 17/06/2018 Author(s): Nueno, Pedro Document type: Opinion Cuando se anunció nuestro nuevo Gobierno yo estaba saliendo para China donde el pasado fin de semana tuve en mi escuela de allí un encuentro de empresarios del sector de las marcas de prestigio en el que participaban personajes de muy alto nivel internacional de compañías del tipo de Hermès, pero, lógicamente, también de bancos importantes, de consultoras ... More information  

Nadal y cada uno de nosotros 

Date: 15/06/2018 Author(s): Álvarez de Mon, Santiago Document type: Opinion Después de ganar su undécimo Roland Garros, otra vez dedico esta columna a Rafael Nadal. Pensando en los lectores de EXPANSIÓN, en sus ilusiones y sueños más queridos, en sus dudas y temores, nuestro deportista más admirado es una veta riquísima en aprendizajes decisivos para la aventura de vivir. More information  

Bicultural employees can be your organization's secret to success 

Date: 13/06/2018 Author(s): Fitzsimmons, S.R.; Thomas, David C.; Liao, Yuan Document type: Non-refereed article A stroll through the halls of almost any Canadian workplace will testify to the cultural diversity of its workforce. By 2050, around 40 per cent of the population of Canada, as well as the United States and Australia, will be immigrants or the children of immigrants. Many of these people, who make up an increasing portion of the workforce, share something ... More information  
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