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Miguel Ángel Gallo: "La empresa familiar es clave para generar empleo de calidad" 

Date: 12/11/2013 Author(s): El Correo Interviewee(s): Gallo, Miguel Ángel Document type: Interview El currículo de Miguel Ángel Gallo (80 años) deja bien a las claras que es una autoridad en muchas áreas, entre ellas la empresa familiar. Titular de la primera cátedra de Europa en esta materia, creada en 1987, también es profesor emérito de Dirección Estratégica del IESE, la escuela de dirección de empresas de la Universidad de Navarra. Gallo ... More information  

Independence and Common Sense 

Date: 07/2005 Author(s): Gallo, Miguel Ángel Document type: Non-refereed article Independent board members and presidents answered a comprehensive questionnaire which analyzed aspects that influence the contribution of independent members on boards. Prof. Gallo summarizes results of the study and confirms the need to include independent board members in the family business and to improve governance processes. More information  

Family members who do not work in the family business: How to enhance their "unity" and "commitment" 

Date: 09/2004 Author(s): Gallo, Miguel Ángel; Cappuyns, Kristin Editor(s): Cátedra de Empresa Familiar Document type: Working Paper This study builds on the results of a recent international study, "Success as a Function of Love, Trust and Freedom in Family Business" (Gallo et al., 2001), which introduced a new conceptual model identifying family unity and commitment as driving forces behind the success of Family Businesses (FBs). Whereas the earlier research dealt with ... More information   Read related article

Ethics of personal behaviour in family business (III): Behavioral patterns 

Date: 11/1999 Author(s): Gallo, Miguel Ángel; Cappuyns, Kristin Editor(s): Cátedra de Empresa Familiar Document type: Working Paper This paper is a continuation of two earlier papers, "Ethics of Personal Behavior in Family Business (I)" (Gallo, 1999) and "Ethics of Personal Behavior in Family Business (II): Differences in Perceptions" (Gallo and Cappuyns, 1999). All three use data gathered from a questionnaire sent in 1998 to a population of 1,800 owners and directors ... More information   Read related article

The Heart and the Head: On Choosing Experiences Intuitively and Possessions Deliberatively 

Date: 07/2017 Author(s): Gallo, Iñigo; Sood, Sanjay; Mann, Thomas; Gilovich, Tom Document type: Article in Journal (refereed) An enduring question in the field of judgment and decision making is when people are likely to choose on the basis of intuition and when they are likely to pursue a more deliberative decision strategy. Here we attempt to shed light on that question by examining whether people tend to weight intuition more heavily when making experiential purchases, ... More information   Read related article

Selling Experiences to Connect With Consumers  Premium

Date: 16/03/2017 Author(s): Gallo, Iñigo; Townsend, Claudia Document type: Non-refereed article The Experience Economy is pervasive. Consumers are diverting more of their disposable income to engaging in experiences. And even material purchases are increasingly being positioned as experiential. This article presents the findings of the authors' research into the marketing of experiences. Selling products through the allure of experiences can ... More information   Read related article

El poder en la empresa 

Date: 02/2016 Author(s): Gallo, Miguel Ángel Document type: Book En las empresas de negocios el poder más pleno, el poder que resulta más decisivo para el futuro de la organización y, por tanto, para el futuro de las personas que la forman, se ejerce en su proceso de gobierno y dirección. En este libro se pretende ayudar a comprender mejor la distinción entre potestas y auctoritas en la empresa, ... More information   Read related article

Genuinus: Using Digital Marketing to Sell Fresh Food Online 

Date: 09/12/2015 Author(s): Gallo, Iñigo; Liepmann, Erik; Segarra, Javier Document type: Case Genuinus sells fresh organic products online. After a year and a half in operation, sales are growing but the company is far from making a profit. The Genuinus team is considering how best to use the budget dedicated to marketing (almost all online). More information  

Evolución y desarrollo de la empresa y de la familia 

Date: 01/2015 Author(s): Gallo, Miguel Ángel; Gómez, Gonzalo Editor(s): Cátedra de Empresa Familiar Document type: Book En este libro se ha puesto más énfasis en la familia empresaria y menos en la empresa familiar, por ello en ninguno de sus apartados se trata directamente sobre cómo tener éxito en la empresa. La intención de fondo es analizar modos de ser y de actuar de las personas de la familia. More information   Read related article

David Versus Goliath: Commercial Decisions at La Fageda 

Date: 20/11/2014 Author(s): Gallo, Iñigo; Segarra, José Antonio Document type: Case La Fageda is a social enterprise and cooperative that manufactures and sells yogurt (in addition to ice cream and jam). In mid-2014 they are faced with three important business decisions: how to respond to a significant price reduction at an important chain; how to help distributors who have been affected by a drop in their business (due to the main ... More information  
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