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Preventing Another Global Financial Crisis

Argandoña, Antonio


The greed and reckless actions of certain financial institutions were instrumental in provoking the 2007-08 global financial crisis. However, as IESE's Antonio Argandoña argues in a 2016 book, many public and private institutions, as well as society as a whole, must also shoulder some of the blame to prevent a recurrence. Argandoña offers a look at the ethical dimensions of the crisis.

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Searching Highs and Lows: Understanding International Search Funds

Kolarova, Lenka; Dávila, Antonio; Johnson, Rob; Kelly, Peter


Search funds are gaining traction overseas. According to the 2016 study by IESE, in partnership with Stanford Graduate School of Business, last year saw a new peak of international activity spanning four continents (outside North America). In addition to calculating early returns, IESE's report paints a picture of who is searching for what, where, why and how.

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Reconciling Competition and Regulation in Banking

Vives, Xavier


As the banking industry reels amid uncertainty -- threatened by fintech competitors, potentially heavy-handed regulators, Brexit and more -- a new book by Xavier Vives looks for ways to provide both stability and growth. In Competition and Stability in Banking, the author argues that the best path forward is carefully coordinated regulation and competition policy.

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