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Mobile Payments: A Framework for SuccessPremium

Calvo, Eduard


There is a lot more to mobile payments than merely substituting a phone for a card when performing a financial transaction. Managers need to think less about the technology, and more about how the new functionalities of m-payments can enable superior value propositions for their customers. This article reveals how.

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The Chinese Auto Industry at a Crossroads

Sachon, Marc; Ribera, Jaume; Zhang, Donald; Zhang, Yunyi; Castillo, Cristina


China's auto production has grown exponentially in recent years, responding to a rapidly expanding domestic market. However, the "new normal" in economic growth is taking a toll. The complex industry may be able to shift gears successfully, with help from the Chinese government.

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How to Get Your Employees to Provide Solutions, Not Problems

Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz


"Ask the right question at the right time while requesting relevant information." That summarizes the approach offered by professor Beatriz Muñoz-Seca for improving an organization's operations and performance in her new practical book on how to make things happen in a company.

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