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Leadership and People Management

To Build Trust, It Can Pay to Stay Humble

Brion, Sebastien; Lount, R.; Doyle S.

Trust is vital for working effectively in teams, but how does one build trust? A simple starting point is accurately assessing how trusted you actually are by others, Sebastien Brion finds. In this study, Brion also uncovers evidence that underestimating how much others trust you is better in the end than overestimating it.

Decision Analysis

A Model for Management That Goes Beyond Profits

Andreu Civit, Rafael; Riverola García, Josep; Rosanas Martí, Josep Maria; De Santiago Hernando, Rafael

Simulation models can help managers understand the bottom-line impact of complex business decisions, taking interdependencies and a dose of randomness into account. But what about corporate goals that go beyond maximizing profits? What about learning and positive social impact? Four IESE professors present a model to look at learning and capability-building in firms.


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Picture This: Olapic Catches the Next Wave of e-Commerce

Roure Parera, Joan; Segurado Llorente, Juan Luis

Buying a jacket online? Whose photographs are you more likely to trust: the brand's catalog shots or crowdsourced images, uploaded by unbiased customers? If you opt for the latter, you're not alone -- and you're one of the reasons that Olapic is growing so fast. An IESE case study follows the story, from three business school students to a successful startup.


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How to Fuel Healthy GrowthPremium

Fernández Terricabras, Albert

Information Technologies

Are Banks Ready for the Process of Digitization?

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Ullings, Berno; Burger, André H.; Stieger, Jacqueline; Alessandrini, Isabel

Corporate Governance

Risking It All for the Family?

Strike, Vanessa; Berrone, Pascual; Sapp, Stephen; Congiu, Lorenzo

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Knowledge and Communication

15 Essential Blog Posts


Employment, ethics, expatriation, Europe's economy and more. IESE professors have been blogging. Here’s a look back at the blog posts that made the biggest splashes during the 2014-2015 academic year.


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