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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Who Is Willing to Talk About Change?

Rousseau, Horacio Enrique; Berrone, Pascual; Walls, J.

If you want to petition for social or environmental change, whom should you talk to? IESE's Horacio Rousseau and Pascual Berrone examine which factors lead companies to engage with social and environmental activists -- and why -- in an award-winning paper.


Strategies That Go the Distance in AfricaPremium

Ariño, Africa

This article shares the collective wisdom of business leaders on the do's and don'ts of internationalizing in Africa, based on interviews the author conducted during a sabbatical there. Any business strategy in Africa must have socioeconomic transformation at its core.


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6 Tips for Mastering e-Commerce

Foncillas, Pablo

Three billion people, who possess 80 percent of the world's wealth, already have access to the Internet. And within two decades, it is estimated that more money will be exchanged through electronic commerce than physical transactions. Considering this scenario, Pablo Foncillas outlines six keys to achieving compatibility between the various sales channels.


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Service and Operations Management

What's Driving China's Auto Industry?

Ribera, Jaume; Sachon, Marc; Callarman, Thomas; Li, Honglai; Shen, Xiaoying; Castillo, Cristina

Knowledge and Communication

How to Handle a PR Crisis: Practical Tips

de la Cierva, Yago

Service and Operations Management

The Cutting Edge in Fashion Operations

Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor; Simchi-Levi, David; Moreno, Antonio; Caro, Felipe

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Innovation and Change

Big Brands on Sustainability

IESE Insight

The public has spoken, and it wants sustainability. At the Sustainable Brands 2015 event hosted by IESE, field experts and execs describe how the world’s leading brands benefit from sustainability – from mitigating risk, enhancing reputation and improving efficiency.


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Melting Pot on the Boil

Mike Rosenberg

The phenomenon of illegal immigration is not new, although tragic migrant deaths in the Mediterranean have brought it home recently. In this blog post, Prof. Mike Rosenberg shares immigrant histories and looks to strategies Europe might consider.


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