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Searching Highs and Lows: Understanding International Search Funds

Kolarova, Lenka; Dávila, Antonio; Johnson, Rob; Kelly, Peter

Search funds are gaining traction overseas. According to the 2016 study by IESE, in partnership with Stanford Graduate School of Business, last year saw a new peak of international activity spanning four continents (outside North America). In addition to calculating early returns, IESE's report paints a picture of who is searching for what, where, why and how.

Leadership and People Management

Helping Women Thrive in Your CompanyPremium

Chinchilla, Nuria; Jiménez, Esther

Why are so few women represented in corporate leadership today? This article describes the barriers to progress and suggests some of the key actions that companies can take, not only to attract, cultivate and retain female talent but to create a balanced ecosystem that benefits both men and women.


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Corporate Governance

Listen to the Non-Experts

Almandoz, John; Tilcsik, András

Does a board always work best with more experts' advice? No, according to research published in the Academy of Management Journal. A study of U.S. community banks found that, when navigating uncharted waters, banks were more likely to fail if their boards were dominated by directors who were experts in banking. In fact, the riskiest decisions may be better handled when non-experts counterbalance the know-it-alls.


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Social Enterprises Surge, Accelerators Lag in Latam

Roure, Juan; de San José Riestra, Amparo; Segurado, Juan Luis


Excessive CEO Pay? Common Shareholders May Be to Blame

Antón, Miguel; Ederer, Florian; Giné, Mireia; Schmalz, Martin C.


What Today's Sales Teams Are Missing

Chiesa, Cosimo; Salazar, Rafael; Soldado, Pilar; Tordera, Juan José; Villanueva, Julián

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Knowledge and Communication

Oscar-Winning DirectionPremium

Juan José Campanella

Juan José Campanella hasn't rested on his laurels since winning an Oscar in 2010. Here he shares some of his strategies for succeeding in a highly competitive creative industry


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Know Your Market Size

Mathieu Carenzo

Continuing a series of posts on "What's killing your startup?," Mathieu Carenzo warns readers of IESE's Entrepreneurship blog not to confuse an accessible market with a potential one.


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