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Think Differently -- Or, Think of the Differences

Ghemawat, Pankaj

Professor Pankaj Ghemawat, a globalization and strategy expert, argues that four key propositions he has put forth regarding international business also apply to intranational business -- that is, business within national borders. Recognizing local biases and regional differences can help unlock strategic opportunities for companies at home as well as abroad, he argues.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

A Strategic Approach to SustainabilityPremium

Rosenberg, Mike

Environmental sustainability is an imperative, not just for activists but for managers to prepare their companies for the future. While there are no easy solutions, the author outlines six strategic options and steps to put companies on the right path toward better environmental performance.


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Risky Business: Female Executives and the Pay Gap

Giné, Mireia; Carter, Mary Ellen; Franco, Francesca

The gender pay gap is a well-documented phenomenon, even in the rarefied air of corporate boardrooms. In this study, IESE's Mireia Giné analyzes the gap and looks at two possible explanations: women's apparent aversion to taking risks (in the form of stock options) and their underrepresentation on boards. It turns out, both factors matter, with one easier to fix than the other.


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Coupon Craft: How to Win Clients and Influence Customers

Osuna, Ignacio; González, Jorge; Capizzani, Mario


Brexit Blues: Assessing the Fallout

Mas, Núria; Videla, Pedro

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The New Capitalism: Looking Beyond Profits to Human Prosperity

Sisodia, Raj; Freeman, R. Edward; Fontrodona, Joan

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Service and Operations Management

Rescue on the High SeasPremium

IESE Insight

Europe’s migrant crisis has left 3,000 dead so far in 2016. Faced with government inaction, Oscar Camps is leading a team of Spanish lifeguards to literally take the matter into their own hands.


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Accelerating for a Cause

de San Jose, Amparo

Social enterprise accelerators help turn good ideas into real positive impact. Writing for the Huffington Post, IESE’s Amparo de San Jose explores the rise of these organizations in Latin America.


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