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Finance Finance

Risk, Expected Returns, and an "Absurd" Model

Fernández, Pablo

Professor Pablo Fernández's no-holds-barred critique of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is now a chapter in the 2017 book Economic Ideas You Should Forget. So what's wrong with the Nobel-prize winning, immensely popular model?

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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Visintin, Stefano; Elvira, Marta
The rate at which jobs are changing hands in Spain hit a multiyear high in early 2017, with more than one in five positions affected. That is according to the sixth IESE-Meta4 study, which also finds that the number of voluntarily resignations is up fivefold since 2010.
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Ariño, Miguel Ángel; Maella, Pablo
Decision-making is as complex as it is inevitable. And yet no one formally teaches us how to do it. In their latest book, Miguel Angel Ariño and Pablo Maella review the 10 most common errors that lead to bad decisions.
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Information Technologies
How to Organize a Crowd for Open Innovation
Kyriakou, Harris; Nickerson, Jeffrey V.; Sabnis, Gaurav
Innovation and Change
Design Banking: A New Era of Financial Services
Siota, Josemaria; Klueter, Thomas Maximilian; Staib, Dieter; Taylor, Sam; Ania, Iñigo
Service and Operations Management
Pennies From Heaven: How to Boost Rainy-Day Sales by 2 Percent
Belkaid, Abdel; Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor
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