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How to Fuel Healthy GrowthPremium

Fernández Terricabras, Albert

There are three main reasons for the shortage of resources faced by many small businesses: financial expectations not adjusted to actual results; the tensions of growth; and poor financial management. This article explores the most common problems and strategies for dealing with them. Consider it a user's guide for small business success.


Picture This: Olapic Catches the Next Wave of e-Commerce

Roure Parera, Joan; Segurado, Juan Luis

Buying a jacket online? Whose photographs are you more likely to trust: the brand's catalog shots or crowdsourced images, uploaded by unbiased customers? If you opt for the latter, you're not alone -- and you're one of the reasons that Olapic is growing so fast. An IESE case study follows the story, from three business school students to a successful startup.


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Decision Analysis

A Model for Management That Goes Beyond Profits

Andreu, Rafael; Riverola, Josep; Rosanas, Josep Maria; De Santiago, Rafael

Simulation models can help managers understand the bottom-line impact of complex business decisions, taking interdependencies and a dose of randomness into account. But what about corporate goals that go beyond maximizing profits? What about learning and positive social impact? Four IESE professors present a model to look at learning and capability-building in firms.


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Information Technologies

Are Banks Ready for the Process of Digitization?

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Ullings, Berno; Burger, André H.; Stieger, Jacqueline; Alessandrini, Isabel

Corporate Governance

Risking It All for the Family?

Strike, Vanessa; Berrone, Pascual; Sapp, Stephen; Congiu, Lorenzo

Leadership and People Management

The 6 Behaviors of Great Leadership: Franz M. Haniel, Haniel Chairman

Haniel, Franz

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Corporate Finance MOOC

Javier Estrada

Prof. Javier Estrada's six-week, massive open online course (MOOC) will teach you key financial issues related to companies, investors and capital markets -- tuition-free. It starts September 14, 2015.


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What's Your Business?

Julián Villanueva

This fundamental question famously posed by Theodore Levitt remains as relevant as ever. How you answer it reveals much about your true orientation: do you create products or serve customers?


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