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The Valuable (and Underutilized) Contributions of Multicultural Employees

Fitzsimmons, S.R.; Liao, Yuan; Thomas, D.C.

Multicultural employees are a very valuable resource for international companies. Their unique perspectives can make a big difference in the companies they work for, according to research by Stacey R. Fitzsimmons, Yuan Liao and David C. Thomas.

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Rosenberg, Mike
Blindsided by Brexit or Trump? Is your organization proactively planning for the next geopolitical developments? In his latest book, Strategy and Geopolitics, professor Mike Rosenberg offers senior management a framework for getting a better handle on what might come next in tumultuous times.
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Johnson, Rob; Simon, Jan
How might entrepreneurs and investors better align their interests in search funds? This is a subject widely discussed among serial investors and searchers. Professors Rob Johnson and Jan Simon analyze a few possible changes to incentive structures that may better motivate entrepreneurs while still rewarding investors.
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Decision Analysis
Winning Strategies for Team Negotiations
Mehta, Kandarp; Stein, Guido
Service and Operations Management
The Perils of More Flexible Supply Chains
Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor; Calvo, Eduard
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