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Innovation and Change

eHealth: How Technology Is Transforming Health Care

In Managing eHealth: From Vision to Reality, health experts track the deep impact of technology on the sector and the role of management in this transformation. The new book, co-edited by IESE's Magdalene Rosenmöller, also previews what to expect next -- from using big data to mobile phones (mHealth) and more.


Paths to Keep Wealth in Family HandsPremium

Roure, Juan; Segurado, Juan Luis

Interest is growing in family offices -- special entities designed to manage family businesses' portfolio of investments. Which factors ensure that wealth-creation activities happen in sustainable ways for generations to come?


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Strategy on Display: Networks and the Practice of Management

Berrone, Pascual; Ariño, Africa

At the 34th annual Strategic Management Society (SMS) conference, supported by IESE, academics and executives weighed in on virtual networks, new business models, social issues and other big topics in strategic management. Conference directors, Profs. Africa Ariño and Pascual Berrone, share highlights.


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Education, Not Funding, Key to Success of Microenterprises

Berrone, Pascual; Gertel, H.; Giuliodori, R.; Bernard, L.; Meiners, E.

Service and Operations Management

George Yeo: Asia Riding the Winds of Change

Yeo, George; Ribera, Jaume

Accounting and Control

The Benefits of Recording Losses First

García Lara, J.M.; García Osma, B.; Peñalva, Fernando

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Seeking Consensus

Robert Rubin

Getting the U.S. economy on track or dealing with growth in the Eurozone; the biggest problem is a lack of political will and compromise, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin tells an IESE Global Leadership Breakfast.


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Kenya's Middle Class

África Ariño

After a statistical revision, Kenya is now officially a middle-income country. This means that the middle class has also grown. But who are the Kenyan middle class, and what does life look like for them? IESE's África Ariño asks in this blog post.


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