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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility in Family Firms: a Double-Edged Sword?

Cruz, C.; Larraza-Kintana, M.; Garcés-Galdeano, Lucía; Berrone, Pascual

Family firms have a reputation for being more socially responsible than nonfamily businesses. IESE's Pascual Berrone tells a different story -- that family firms are, in fact, less likely to adopt social practices for internal stakeholders. But why?

Knowledge and Communication

From TV to Web: Content Strategies for Ads That Drive Online SalesPremium

Teixeira, Thales S.

Is TV advertising still relevant and effective among today's media-multitasking consumers? Yes, says the author, showing how four different types of TV ads can best be used to capture attention, build brands and prompt people to go online to purchase products and services.


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Leadership and People Management

Risk-Taking by Banks: The Impact of Founders' Logics

Almandoz, Juan

Why do some banks embrace risk while others play it safe? A study by IESE's Juan Almandoz suggests that the answer is connected to the founders' backgrounds and associations, whether they are carriers of financial or community logics. How long is the founders' shadow of influence?


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Corporate Governance

Corporate Boards in Spain: Smaller, More Independent and With More Women

Pin, José Ramón; Vilanova, Núria; Graupera, Susana


Three Trends That Will Change How You ManagePremium

Ferraro, Fabrizio; Cassiman, Bruno


Accountable Managers, Responsible Companies. Lessons From the Crisis: Emerging Shareholder Activism

Ferraro, Fabrizio; Giné, Mireia

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The Inconceivable Crisis

Martin Wolf and Pedro Videla

Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times, Martin Wolf, gives his view of why the financial crisis of 2008 happened, why it was in some sense unforeseeable, and why it might happen again. He was joined by Professor Pedro Videla at IESE in January 2015 to discuss his latest book.


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Social Aims, Social Gains

Antonino Vaccaro and Tommaso Ramus

"4 Things We Can Learn From Social Entrepreneurs," by IESE's Antonino Vaccaro and Tommaso Ramus, via Forbes. From aiming high to staying sustainable, the co-authors' short list appears in advance of IESE's student-run "Doing Good and Doing Well" conference February 27-28 in Barcelona.


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