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Information Technologies

Are Banks Ready for the Process of Digitization?

Gregory, Robert Wayne et al.

Customers are demanding bank services be available anywhere, at any time, using any device. But there's evidence from Spain that retail banks are still unprepared for the process of digitization. A survey of bank executives reveals four critical gaps in digital preparedness and suggests a framework to adapt to a new landscape, as financial technology start-ups move in.

Corporate Governance

Risking It All for the Family?

Strike, Vanessa; Berrone, Pascual; Sapp, Stephen; Congiu, Lorenzo

Research shows that CEOs tend to grow more risk-averse as they near retirement. Long-term benefits begin to seem abstract and they focus on preserving wealth, the rationale goes. But a study by IESE's Pascual Berrone finds that the CEOs of family firms are an important exception to rule. The study suggests that for family CEOs, a different set of motives are at work.


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Leadership and People Management

The 6 Behaviors of Great Leadership: Franz M. Haniel, Haniel Chairman

Haniel, Franz

"Great leaders," said Haniel during the opening of IESE campus in Munich, can be characterized by their competence, character and empathy. "They don't extrapolate, they anticipate; they are courageous enough to abandon a successful practice if necessary; they accept their social responsibility, build a culture of trust and cooperation and empower others." The event also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the IESE MBA.


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Where to Invest? Ranking 120 Countries on Their Private Equity Attractiveness

Groh, Alexander; Liechtenstein, Heinrich; Lieser, Karsten; Biesinger, Markus

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Six Causes of Corruption in a Company

Argandoña, Antonio

Leadership and People Management

Work and Family: Finding Balance as Technology Changes the Rules

Las Heras, Mireia; Rothbard, Nancy; Leslie, Lisa

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Corporate Labs Are Back

Tony Dávila

Corporate labs, like the famously productive Bell Labs, defined innovation for much of the 20th century. But then venture capital for start-ups made most obsolete. Yet the winds have shifted again, blogs Tony Dávila, with Google and Facebook setting up labs to invent new things.


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Leadership and People Management

Brain Gain

Sebastian Reiche

Developing nations have experienced "brain drain" – the loss of their best and brightest who go in search of better opportunities abroad – for generations. IESE's Sebastian Reiche says it doesn't have to be all bad news. Countries can take steps to connect with their diaspora, to everyone’s benefit.


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