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Connect the Stocks

Miguel Antón and Christopher Polk connect stocks based on their common mutual fund owners. Why? Because pairs of stocks connected by ownership tend to move in the same direction in trading -- beyond what can be explained by shared fundamentals. Understanding this yields a promising trading strategy, the authors explain.


Local Quirks Prevail in Europe's M&A Market

Moschieri, Caterina; Campa, José Manuel

Europe's M&A market is picking up pace, with new deals announced daily. So, can we thank the European Union's common currency and common regulations for clearing the path for new mergers? Not so fast, according to research by Caterina Moschieri and José Manual Campa.


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4 Competencies to Develop Global Leaders

Canals, Jordi

Wanted: Leaders for growth markets and leaders with international experience. Jordi Canals, the dean of IESE, presents a framework to help companies develop tomorrow's global leadership. He puts forward four key competencies for leaders, based on five basic CEO functions that traverse borders.


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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Confronting Ethical Conflicts Across Cultures

Sanchez-Runde, Carlos.; Nardon, Luciara; Steers, Richard

Decision Analysis

3 Effective Remedies to Restore Justice

Cugueró-Escofet, Natàlia; Fortin, M.; Canela, Miguel Ángel

Service and Operations Management

Win-Win-Win With Split-Award Auctions

Chaturvedi, Aadhaar; Beil, Damian; Martínez de Albéniz, Víctor

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Information Technologies

New Shopping Trends


Virtual currencies, the sharing economy, mobile devices … these are a few of the trends shaping tomorrow’s shopping habits, said business leaders at IESE’s 1st E-Commerce Meeting.


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Leadership and People Management

Seeing With Expat Eyes

Sebastian Reiche

Relocating abroad means pulling up one’s roots, which can be painful. Yet this creates the opportunity to see things anew and grow, reflects Prof. Sebastian Reiche in his Expatriatus blog.


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