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Leadership and People Management

Risk-Taking by Banks: The Impact of Founders' Logics

Almandoz, Juan

Why do some banks embrace risk while others play it safe? A study by IESE's Juan Almandoz suggests that the answer is connected to the founders' backgrounds and associations, whether they are carriers of financial or community logics. How long is the founders' shadow of influence?

Corporate Governance

Corporate Boards in Spain: Smaller, More Independent and With More Women

Pin, José Ramón; Vilanova, Núria; Graupera, Susana

Spain's IBEX 35 companies have boards that increasingly conform to the Unified Good Governance Code's recommendations in both size and composition. Yet the 10th annual report from the Forum on Good Governance and Shareholders shows that female representation on boards is far below the European Commission's target for 2020.


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Three Trends That Will Change How You ManagePremium

Ferraro, Fabrizio; Cassiman, Bruno

To confront three emerging challenges -- Globalization, Digitization and Politicization -- corporate leaders will have to become Arbitrageurs in the way they allocate resources; adopt the mind-set of Experimenters; and be Orchestrators of hybrid organizational models, harnessing diversity and ambiguity as sources of competitive advantage.


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Accountable Managers, Responsible Companies. Lessons From the Crisis: Emerging Shareholder Activism

Ferraro, Fabrizio; Giné, Mireia


The Genuine Responsibilities of the CEOPremium

Andreu, Rafael; Ricart, Joan Enric

Corporate Governance

Maximizing Stakeholders' Interests: Empirical Insights

Ayuso, Silvia; Rodríguez Badal, Miguel Ángel; García Castro, Roberto; Ariño, Miguel Angel

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Speaking Franc-ly

Antonio Argandoña

The Swiss franc's appreciation is now a major headache for Swiss exporters. For IESE's Economics blog, Antonio Argandoña explains why currency intervention may be a short-term solution, but it doesn't work out for the long term.


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Back to Lending

Andrea Enria

To avoid another crisis, Europe needs to make its banks safer and stronger. But where's the right balance between safety and growth? In London, European Banking Authority head Andrea Enria talks to IESE about stimulating lending and growth with a stronger banking sector.


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