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The Agile CEO: Strategies for Success

Running a business can be tough, but the best CEOs find ways to transform their challenges into new sources of competitive advantage. How they do this is what you’ll discover in the latest IESE Insight magazine. Learn to engage with the challenges of our times and shape the path ahead.


Practical Wisdom, Exceptional Management

Kase, Kimio; Cantón, C.G.; Nonaka, Ikujiro

Phronesis and Quiddity in Management -- a book by Kimio Kase of IESE, César González Cantón and Ikujiro Nonaka -- blends Western and Eastern philosophizing about wisdom for managers and coping with reality in business as it is. The goal is excellence in management in any situation or contingency, keeping social responsibilities in mind.


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The Pitfalls of Customer Empowerment

Camacho, Nuno; De Jong, Martijn G.; Stremersch, Stefan

Who says the customer is always right? In fact, empowering customers to make their own decisions can undermine experts' best advice and have costly consequences. A study by IESE's Stefan Stremersch and co-authors breaks down three types of customer empowerment and finds one that is beneficial and two that are not.


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Leadership and People Management

Cosmopolitanism and Values for Humanistic Leaders

Rodríguez Lluesma, Carlos; Dávila, Anabella; Elvira, Marta


Europe Changing Tack: Expert Insights on Innovation and Renovation

Aubertin, René; de Lencquesaing, Aymar; Maiques, Ana; Mills, David; Stackmann, Jürgen


Globesity: Connecting Globalization and Obesity

Mas, Núria; Costa-Font, Joan

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Innovation and Change

4 Trends for 2015

IESE Insight

Professors José Luis Nueno in New York, Marta Elvira in Madrid, Markus Maedler in Munich and Alfredo Pastor in Barcelona discuss what's in store for the global economy.


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Globalization MOOC

Pankaj Ghemawat

IESE’s Pankaj Ghemawat offers an eight-week, massive open online course (MOOC) about the real consequences of globalization on a personal and business level. Starts Feb. 2, 2015.


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