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Africa: Avenues to Growth

Africa is streets ahead of where it was a decade ago. Navigate the complexities of the continent with the latest IESE Insight magazine, offering investment, strategy and leadership tips from experts at IESE’s associated business schools in Nigeria and Kenya. There are also features on globalization, using data to design customer experiences, a case on Spotify and managing the Ebola crisis, one year on.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The Business of Mankind

Cátedra de Ética Empresarial y de los Negocios; Melé, Domènec; Schlag, Martin

What should a business mean in society? To deliver both profits and human dignity, a book co-edited by IESE's Domènec Melé suggests developing a humanist business model for an ethical future. Humanism in Economics and Business includes a preface by Dean Jordi Canals and chapters by Melé as well as IESE's Antonio Argandoña to make its case for a human-centered approach.


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Paul Fribourg: Strategic Planning in Volatile Markets

Fribourg, Paul; Baker, Bill

How do you plan your investments and capital spending when commodity prices vary so much? Volatility is not necessarily a bad thing, says Continental Grain Company Chairman and CEO Paul Fribourg. "We like a lot of highs and lows -- you've just got to make sure you're properly financed and positioned to survive during the lows."


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Everything You Need to Know About Your Company's Numbers

Aguirreamalloa, Javier; Larios, Pedro

Information Technologies

London Tops the Ranking of the World's "Smartest" Cities

Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric

Innovation and Change

Who Are the Catalysts of Innovation at Your Firm?

Tortoriello, Marco; McEvily, William J.; Krackhardt, David

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Leadership and People Management

Culture Cramming

Echo Yuan Liao

IQ, EQ now CQ? Doing business in our globalized times often means a crash course in Cultural Intelligence (CQ). Writing for, IESE's Echo Yuan Liao explains what CQ is, why it is so important and how to develop it.


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Knowledge and Communication

What’s Next for Media?

IESE Insight

Net neutrality is set. Now what? How is "over the top" video reshaping the media world? IESE's U.S. Council includes four media experts – Bill Baker, Chris Vollmer, Carmen Di Rienzo and Alan Glazen -- who weigh in on the debate.


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