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Make Way for the Sharing Economy

Learn to share: the maxim we tell our kids is truer than ever in today's sharing economy, the theme of the latest IESE Insight magazine. The dossier features Alejandro Lago and Sandra Sieber, along with Arun Sundararajan (NYU Stern) and Sofia Ranchordás (Leiden Law School). Experts also weigh in on how to break not just the glass ceiling but the cement one, energy poverty in Africa and more.


Shutting the Doors to Foreign Trade and Investment? At What Cost?

Schwab, Klaus; Sala i Martin, Xavier; World Economic Forum

The annual ranking is in: Switzerland, Singapore and the United States continue to reign as the world's most competitive countries. Meanwhile, The Global Competitiveness Report 2016-2017 warns of a broad, 10-year decline in openness to foreign trade and investment, even before the Brexit vote is taken into account. This trend could undermine productivity and prosperity going forward.


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Setting the Wheels in Motion for Sustainable Transportation

Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric; Duch T-Figueras, Ana Isabel

Transportation is crucial for cities on the move, but rapid urban growth is multiplying challenges and driving up emissions along the way. How can urban environments rise to the occasion, sustainably? The book Cities and Mobility & Transportation aims to help with smart transit strategies from around the globe, as part of the "IESE Cities in Motion: International Urban Best Practices" series.


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Future Directions for European E-Commerce

Capizzani, Mario; Foncillas, Pablo

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

How Keeping a Foot in Two Worlds Can Lead to Success in Both

Cavotta, Valeria; Ramus, Tommaso; Vaccaro, Antonino

Leadership and People Management

Silvio Napoli: Manage Your Ego & Trust Your Team

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Leadership and People Management

War of the Words

Brian O’Connor Leggett

With two more debates scheduled for Trump and Clinton in October, “The ‘slugfest’ is back!” IESE’s Brian O’Connor Leggett follows the action on his Rhetoric and Leadership blog.


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False Bank Accounts

Mike Rosenberg

A scandal at Wells Fargo has Prof. Mike Rosenberg wondering about “the controls that were not put in place and the questions that were not asked,” in this blog post.


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