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Who Gets Hurt? The Pitfalls of Managed Care in American Hospitals

Mas Canal, Núria

In advanced economies, many hospitals are under financial pressure. In the United States, the introduction of "managed care" has only intensified that pressure in recent years. A study by IESE's Núria Mas shows the human toll of this cost-cutting trend -- harming both insured and uninsured Americans.

Service and Operations Management

Say Goodbye to Just-in-Time, Lean and Agile Management Models

Muñoz-Seca, Beatriz

Many cultural institutions ought to streamline their operations to increase efficiency. But what's the best way to go about it? Using Spain's National Institute of Performing Arts and Music as a case in point, IESE's Beatriz Muñoz-Seca presents an innovative model for service companies looking to optimize operations.


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Leadership and People Management

To Build Trust, It Can Pay to Stay Humble

Brion, Sebastien; Lount, R.; Doyle S.

Trust is vital for working effectively in teams, but how does one build trust? A simple starting point is accurately assessing how trusted you actually are by others, Sebastien Brion finds. In this study, Brion also uncovers evidence that underestimating how much others trust you is better in the end than overestimating it.


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Decision Analysis

A Model for Management That Goes Beyond Profits

Andreu Civit, Rafael; Riverola García, Josep; Rosanas Martí, Josep Maria; De Santiago Hernando, Rafael


Picture This: Olapic Catches the Next Wave of e-Commerce

Roure Parera, Joan; Segurado Llorente, Juan Luis


How to Fuel Healthy GrowthPremium

Fernández Terricabras, Albert

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The Big Picture on China

Alfredo Pastor

Since China’s stock-market bubble burst in August, experts have been scrambling to assess what went wrong. That’s less important than what happens next, says IESE’s Alfredo Pastor, with a broad look at some of China’s economic policies in recent years.


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Leadership and People Management

Leading or Following?

B. Sebastian Reiche

International assignments are an ever-growing part of working life, but difficulties arise when professionals find themselves relegated to the role of “trailing spouse.” IESE’s B. Sebastian Reiche looks at the ins, outs and outdated terms for expatriate partners.


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