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Unleashing Entrepreneurship

Canals, Jordi

An aging society, weakening demand, global competition and digital transformation make innovation necessary for even the most seemingly stable companies thriving today. Jordi Canals' 2015 book, Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets, lays out the leadership competencies required for managing entrepreneurs and managing entrepreneurially.


What Is the Ideal Price of a Product?

Villanueva, Julián; Segarra, José Antonio; Ferrer, Iciar

How can you optimize the price of a product or service? Julián Villanueva, José Antonio Segarra and Iciar Ferrer outline the variables to keep in mind and explain how to tailor your pricing policy. For starters, remember that most buying decisions are far from rational, as they are influenced by certain psychological factors.


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Information Technologies

Digital Leader's Toolkit

Garaña, María

María Garaña, vice president of Microsoft EMEA and speaker at the IESE Global Alumni reunion 2015 in Munich, urged business leaders to avoid becoming "lost in the details of digital. We should focus on the forest, not the trees and ask how technology is going to impact customers."


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Leadership and People Management

25 Keys to Take Control of Your Professional Life

Chiesa, Cosimo

Information Technologies

The Digital Future at Light Speed

Bouée, Charles-Edouard

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The C-Suite's Practical Guide to Sustainability

Rosenberg, Mike

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Feeling the Heat in Paris

Mike Rosenberg

The Paris climate change talks, COP21, begin Nov. 30 with little consensus. Emissions data are hotly contested, as is the public’s right to protest in light of the recent terrorist attacks. Prof. Mike Rosenberg blogs about the names, the issues, and what’s at stake for the economy and the planet.


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China Blues

Núria Mas

With China’s GDP accounting for some 16 percent of the world’s economic output, it’s only natural that all eyes are on Asia’s powerhouse. How worried should we be about an economic slowdown and its knock-on effects? In this new audio podcast, IESE’s Núria Mas looks at what’s really going on.


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