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Risky Business: Female Executives and the Pay Gap

Giné, Mireia; Carter, Mary Ellen; Franco, Francesca

The gender pay gap is a well-documented phenomenon, even in the rarefied air of corporate boardrooms. In this study, IESE's Mireia Giné analyzes the gap and looks at two possible explanations: women's apparent aversion to taking risks (in the form of stock options) and their underrepresentation on boards. It turns out, both factors matter, with one easier to fix than the other.


Coupon Craft: How to Win Clients and Influence Customers

Osuna, Ignacio; González, Jorge; Capizzani, Mario

"Here's your receipt and your coupons." At a checkout counter, card-carrying shoppers often get targeted coupons in exchange for their data. But are these 10-percent-off offers actually ringing up new sales or increasing customer loyalty? In a new study, IESE's Jorge González and Mario Capizzani crunch the numbers and offer advice for smarter coupon-campaign management.


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Brexit Blues: Assessing the Fallout

Mas, Núria; Videla, Pedro

Is Brexit as bad as the markets' moves seem to suggest? Who will be most affected? What might the future relationship between the EU and the U.K. look like? Here we share two economists' views on what is happening and what happens next.


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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The New Capitalism: Looking Beyond Profits to Human Prosperity

Freeman, R. Edward; Sisodia, Raj; Fontrodona, Joan

Leadership and People Management

9 Tips for Managing Millennials

Stein, Guido; Mesa, Rafael; Martín, Miguel

Corporate Governance

10 Trends for the Board of 2020Premium

Nueno, Pedro

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Service and Operations Management

An Apple Car in 2019?

Marc Sachon

With Tesla’s self-driving car accident still in the news, why might Apple enter this unchartered territory? IESE’s Marc Sachon lists six good reasons, and profit margins are not one.


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Vision 2030: Beyond Oil

Morten Olsen

Saudi Arabia’s new economic plan, Vision 2030, looks to break the nation´s “dangerous addiction” to oil. Prof. Morten Olsen looks beyond oil reserves in this post for IESE’s Economics Outlook blog.


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