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Business Model Innovation: Designing the Process

Zott, Christoph; Amit, Raphael

Innovation usually means a new product. But what if it meant a new way of doing business? Christoph Zott of IESE and Raphael Amit of Wharton examine the enormous implications that business-model innovation can have, and they derive a business-model-innovation process from the world of design for how best to go about it.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Greenwashing: Only the Appearance of Sustainability

Alejos, Claudia Lucía

The number of products billed as environmentally friendly shot up by more than 70 percent from 2009 to 2010 alone. But a study done in Canada found that as many as 95 percent of products touted as "green" are not as ecologically sound as they claim to be. Under mounting pressure from the public, some companies may be guilty of "greenwashing."


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Leadership and People Management

Absenteeism Rises in Spain for First Time in Six Years

Blasco, F.J.; Gallifa, Ángela; Guada, Jorge; et al.

For the first time since the financial crisis hit, the rate of absenteeism at work is climbing, not falling, in Spain. Employees appear to be less fearful of losing their jobs, but as this "crisis effect" fades away, the costs associated with absenteeism may grow. Greater flexibility with work schedules is one measure that could help reduce unwarranted absences.


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New Marketing for a New Era

Nueno, José Luis

Innovation and Change

Look Outside Your Firm: A Tool to Sense What's ComingPremium

Dávila, Antonio; Oyon, Daniel; Parmigiani, Pilar; Schnegg, Maël

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR: Consistency Leads to Credibility

Pin, José Ramón

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