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Leadership and People Management

Remote Control or Local Talent? The Future of International Assignments

Reiche, B. Sebastian; Harzing, Anne-Wil

How do multinationals decide who works where? IESE's Sebastian Reiche runs through the staffing policies at work and points to tomorrow's trends. Inpatriates, virtual assignments and self-starters are changing the nature of international assignments.

Leadership and People Management

Working in Iraq: The Choice Between Safe and Right?

Al-Rikabi, Ammar; Ribera, Alberto

In February 2015, Baghdad's decade-old curfew was finally lifted -- a sign that life might be getting back to normal. But the same day, violence once again gripped the nation. In a very personal case study, IESE MBA grad Ammar Al-Rikabi reflects on the time he spent working in his home country and the dilemma it caused him.


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Service and Operations Management

Size Up and Sell Well

Flores, Juan Enrique; Boada, Pol; Moscoso, Philip

In retail, the sell-through rate -- the percentage of a product ordered that is finally sold over a set period of time -- is widely used to assess management performance at the store level. But an empirical study from IESE finds that sell-through rates depend chiefly on store size and the week of the season, two factors out of managers' control.


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Stay Close to Customers and Keep It Simple

Gulati, Ranjay


Predicting a Product's Success Internationally

Gelper, Sarah; Stremersch, Stefan


7 Steps Toward a Better and More Affordable Health System

Mas, Núria; Wisbaum, Wendy

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Working With Reviews

Mario Capizzani

Online reviews are increasingly a fact of doing business. But with them comes the possibility of negative reviews. In this blog post, IESE’s Mario Capizzani offers pointers on the best way to turn all feedback -- good or bad -- to your advantage.


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Women: The Leading Edge


The corporate world is changing and women are stepping forth into more central roles. But there are still barriers to overcome. Top business leaders met at IESE in New York to share their tips for breaking through the glass ceiling.


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