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Spending Less When Unemployment Runs High

Campos, Rolf; Reggio, Iliana

High unemployment rate? Well, then everyone spends less, even the employed. Research by IESE's Rolf Campos in Spain indicates that the employed, as well as the jobless, are prone to cut back on spending in the shadow of unemployment.

Innovation and Change

Want to Innovate? Then Act Like a Start-upPremium

Dávila Parra, Antonio; Epstein, Marc J.

Established companies can achieve breakthrough innovation as well as any start-up, provided that they manage six stages that characterize start-ups and combine the discovery attitude of entrepreneurs with the greater access to resources that established companies have.


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Retire at Your Own Risk

Estrada, Javier

Target-date funds (TDFs) have become popular retirement investments with their promise of reallocating assets to lower risk exposure closer to retirement age. But IESE's Javier Estrada finds that TDF strategies consistently underperformed when compared with 10 alternatives. What really is at risk here?


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10 Tips for a Healthier Society

Pin, José Ramón


After Stalling, Globalization Is Deepening Again

Ghemawat, Pankaj; Altman, Steven

Leadership and People Management

Avoid Common Mistakes in Managing People

Stein, Guido; Rábago, Eduardo

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Leadership and People Management

The Mindset of a Challenger

Aymar de Lencquesaing

Aymar de Lencquesaing is Senior Vice President of Lenovo Group and President of its Europe, the Middle East and Africa operations, covering 120 countries. At IESE's Global Alumni Reunion, he speaks of Lenovo's challenger mindset, working in fragmented markets and why he doesn't have an office.


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The Keystone XL Example

Mike Rosenberg

The Keystone XL project -- connecting the tar sands in Canada with the U.S. to facilitate oil transport -- was voted down on Nov. 18 after years in limbo. IESE's Mike Rosenberg calls the stalled project "a terrific example of how business can get caught up in very complex local, national and even international politics," in this blog post.


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