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Enterprising Solutions in Times of Transition

Respecting people, recognizing their contributions and trusting them enough to let them take the initiative is a common thread that runs through all the articles in this edition of IESE Insight magazine. Indeed, it is what facilitates entrepreneurship. As our authors show, the best managers empower and lead by example, not just control.


International Search Funds: Tracking Tomorrow's Trend

Kolarova, Lenka; Dávila, Antonio; Johnson, Rob; Kelly, Peter

Invented in the United States, search funds are a growing phenomenon overseas. Partnering with Stanford Graduate School of Business, IESE is conducting a biennial study of international search funds. Its latest results show promise in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


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Spain's Labor Market Is Growing More Dynamic

Elvira, Marta; Visintin, Stefano

Spain's labor market is gaining in dynamism as staff flexibility increases, according to the first labor dynamism index (LDI) compiled by IESE and Meta4, based on company data. Tracking job-turnover trends, the LDI aims to help managers make more informed staffing decisions to keep pace with change.


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Leadership and People Management

Power at Work

Anderson, Cameron; Brion, Sebastien


Maximize Your Campaign With Local Digital Marketing

Ferrándiz, Luis; Fernández-Velilla, Rosa; Villanueva, Julián


Where Is Your Firm's Value Going?

García Castro, Roberto; Aguilera, R.

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Leadership and People Management

Ambidexterity for Success

Michael Tushman

Harvard Business School’s Michael Tushman describes what great firms do right. They simultaneously exploit their existing capabilities and explore new spaces -- working in two directions at once.


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Knowledge and Communication

Defining Market Trends

IESE Insight

How has consumer spending changed since the crisis began? How is big data affecting business models? Summaries of the key trends identified in 10 IESE Industry Meetings are now available.


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