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How to Expand: Business Models to Grow

Sohl, Timo; Vroom, Govert

Say a discount supermarket wants to expand its business: how should it? By opening a higher-end supermarket or a discount garden center? According to an award-winning paper by Timo Sohl and Govert Vroom, crossing industry lines may end up boosting firm performance if the business model is similar. That means grocers might be wise to look to plants for pay dirt.


Stocks vs. Bonds: Where the Risk Lies

Estrada, Javier

Stocks or bonds: Which are riskier? It depends how you measure risk. Measured by volatility or price fluctuations, stocks are riskier. But for investors who have terminal wealth in mind, IESE's Javier Estrada finds that stocks are actually safer over the long term, as he explains in his article "Rethinking Risk."


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Innovation and Change

Beating the Innovation Paradox: How Your Corporation Can Innovate Like a Start-up

Dávila, Antonio

Incremental improvements are never going to yield breakthrough innovation. A new approach is needed. Having researched hundreds of companies, IESE's Tony Dávila suggests three practical ways that established corporations can imitate start-ups, not just to keep up with the competition, but to stay one step ahead.


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Leadership and People Management

7 Keys to Manage Change in the 21st Century

Pin, José Ramón

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Talk It Out: When Dialogue Works Wonders

Ferraro, Fabrizio; Beunza, Daniel


Are You a Genuine Leader?

Stein, Guido

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Accounting Must-Knows

Javier Santomá

IESE's free webinar series continues with Making Sense of Financial Statements. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic principles in accounting and finance, and learn to incorporate financial criteria into your decision-making process. Register to attend this 45-minute session on Thursday, June 4.


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Leadership and People Management

Cuts Don’t Foster Growth

Martin Sorrell

Organic growth, not cost cutting, is needed to steer the future of business. The talent pool will shrink, and companies need to take this into account. WPP CEO and founder, Martin Sorrell, shares his predictions for the future of business at IESE's "MBA 50th Anniversary" address in London.


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