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Leadership and People Management

Global Nomads: Key Players for Global Growth

Does your staff include "global nomads"? Global nomads see mobility as a way of life and can be key employees to help your company's global growth, according to a study by IESE's International Research Center on Organizations (IRCO). Dividing "expatriate-able" talent into four groups, this study offers insights to understand and develop tomorrow's leaders overseas.

Corporate Governance

6 Items for the Top of Every Board's AgendaPremium

Canals, Jordi

Can boards do a better job at protecting their companies? What's needed is a clearer vision of the firm's overarching purpose, as well as aligning and measuring its long-term success. Also required is a drastic rethink of how the board can add long-term value to the company it serves.


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Information Technologies

Digital Density Is Disrupting the Taxi Industry

Zamora, Javier

Digital density has three dimensions: number of connections, number of interactions and the amount of information exchanged through them. Digital density is disrupting the taxi business, among many other analog and traditional business models, says IESE Prof. Javier Zamora. Full digital density may someday mean driverless cars interacting like robots with consumers.


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Leadership and People Management

5 Tips for Executives in New Roles

Stein, Guido; García García, David

Accounting and Control

Accounting for Decision Making

Ormazabal, Gaizka; Soler, Eduardo


Transparency, a Rising Trend in Listed CompaniesPremium

Campa, José Manuel

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Brazil: From the World Cup to the Olympics

Marcus Vinícius

With the World Cup wrapped up, all eyes turn to Rio’s hosting of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Marcus Vinícius Freire, the Executive Director of Sport for the Brazilian Olympic Committee, speaks to IESE at its 1st Sports Management Summit in Sao Paulo about his strategic approach to the games and their importance to his home country.


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Inequality: Where Is It Heading?

Alfredo Pastor

Looking to the future, will the evolution of inequality surprise the optimists or the pessimists? “In the best case scenario, the convergence of average income levels between countries will not translate into a lower inequality among its inhabitants,” writes IESE’s Alfredo Pastor in this article posted to IESE’s Economics blog.


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