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Ball Don't Lie: Making a Case for Core Stability

Real Madrid or Atlético Madrid? Lakers or Celtics? How might winning sports teams inform the strategic management of human resources in business? In a study of social capital's impact on organizational performance, based on data from the world of sports, co-authors Fabio Fonti and Massimo Maoret offer a more nuanced view of the interplays between talent and networks.


Portrait of a Business Angel as a Young Man

Roure, Juan; de San José Riestra, Amparo

A new generation of private investors plays an increasingly important role in the business eco-system. But who are these people? A study by IESE's Juan Roure and Amparo de San José says Spain's business angels are younger than previously believed and tend to find partners to jointly invest in digital projects.


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Leadership and People Management

To Promote Change, Take Off the Rose-Colored Glasses

Brion, Sebastien; Audia, Pino G.; Greve, Henrich

Do you need to change course? To decide, accurate performance assessments are key. Yet some executives jeopardize their companies' futures by failing to recognize when their evaluations fall short. Research by Sebastien Brion and co-authors reveals the complex nature of performance assessments -- a subject with high stakes.


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Retire the Buffett Way?

Estrada, Javier


Here Comes the Instagram Bride

Nueno, José Luis

Leadership and People Management

Labor Dynamism Hits New Highs in Spain

Visintin, Stefano; Elvira, Marta

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Leadership and People Management

Lessons to Live By


Need a lift? Speaking to the graduating MBAs at IESE’s Barcelona campus, Schindler chairman-elect Silvio Napoli offers up five key drivers of management success. He draws on examples ranging from the elevator business to the rugby field, where one must recover from an inevitable punch in the face.


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Knowledge and Communication

How Do You See Me?

Farah Shakir

And who belongs where? Pakistani-Canadian Farah Shakir is currently pursuing her PhD in Management at IESE. Daughter of a Muslim father and Jewish mother, Shakir describes how even the smallest of actions can send powerful messages across cultures, via TEDxIESEBarcelona.


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