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Innovation and Change

Which Are the World's "Smartest" Cities?

Tokyo is the most developed city in the world, but is it the best city to live in? From a global point of view it may be, but not if what we value most is social cohesion. The IESE Cities in Motion Index enables an objective comparison of cities along 10 dimensions, measuring their sustainability and the quality of life of their inhabitants. As the IESE Cities in Motion report shows, there is no single model of success.

Leadership and People Management

The Impact of Culture on Trust in the Workplace

Reiche, Sebastian; Cardona, Pablo; Lee, Yih-teen; Canela, Miguel Ángel

Prosocial behavior depends on trust, which can vary along cultural lines. With an increasing number of managers having to deal with cultural diversity in their daily interactions, IESE's Sebastian Reiche, Yih-teen Lee, Miguel A. Canela and Pablo Cardona, of CEIBS, study how cultural differences influence trust-related perceptions and behavior between managers and subordinates in 18 countries.


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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

10 Tips for Women to Prepare for Retirement

Chinchilla, Nuria; Jiménez, Esther; Grau, Marc

In line with the demographic trends of many other Western industrialized nations, Spain's 65-and-over age group represents an ever larger chunk of the population, with the percentage projected to more than double over the next 40 years. This puts question marks over the state pension system, with women left the most vulnerable. IESE's Nuria Chinchilla offers 10 ways to plan ahead.


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Public-Private Partnerships: Achieving Optimal Outcomes

Moszoro, Marian

Knowledge and Communication

How to Persuade Audiences to Action

Neill, Conor

Leadership and People Management

Part-Time Contracts: An Engine for Job Creation?

Gómez, Sandalio

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Information Technologies

Media in Flux

William Baker

William Baker, President Emeritus of Educational Broadcasting Corporation, discusses major shifts in the media landscape. With so many platforms available for accessing content, he thinks Comcast's proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable looks like a smart business move.


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Securitization’s Comeback

Manuel Mueller-Frank

One of the culprits of the financial crisis is back, writes IESE’s Manuel Mueller-Frank in this blog post. Haven't we learned anything from the crisis? Excessive repackaging of assets without understanding the risks can contribute to bad economic outcomes, he warns.


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